How Smart Are Dogo Argentinos? 5 Intelligence Facts

Dogo Argentinos are best known for their hunting and guard dog abilities. But little is often said about this breed’s level of intelligence. It is important to understand a dog’s ability to learn, process, and understand their owners. Especially large powerful dogs like the Dogo Argentino.

How smart are Dogo Argentinos? As a whole the Dogo Argentino is above average when it comes to intelligence. These dogs are smart, eager to learn, and thrive in environments where they are given a job. Under the right leadership the Dogo can be incredibly obedient and master commands quickly.

Use the intelligence of the Dogo Argentino to your advantage when training and socializing. By understanding how the Dogo operates you can really draw out their smart and clever side and mold a truly amazing dog. 

In this post I will go over a few of the reasons why Dogo Argentinos are smart and how to better work with your dog. Let’s dig in.

Dogo Argentinos Need Jobs

The Dogo Argentino is first and foremost a working dog. Dogos were originally bred specifically to hunt large game like boars and puma. The keen instincts and mental capacity required to achieve such mastery in hunting does require an above average level of intelligence.

Now you may not want a Dogo Argentino for the purpose of hunting. You are looking for a family companion that will cuddle on the couch and keep you active outdoors. The Dogo is still a wonderful family pet for these reasons, but they need a job.

Games and activities with your Dogo Argentino can give them a sense of self confidence, as well as purpose. Left to their own devices a Dogo can develop destructive and unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, digging, and potential aggression issues

Engage your Dogo in scent games, search and find games, and good old fashion games of fetch. These activities use the skills the Dogo Argentino has built into their DNA and will allow them to use their intelligence and skills to remain balanced and happy.

Dogo Argentinos Are Easy To Train

Dogo Argentinos are able to learn fairly quickly. Especially under the right leadership that provides them with a firm, yet calm direction. The Dogo Argentino responds very well to positive reinforcement and can master basic commands in a short period of time.

Consistent training routines that are both fun and challenging for the Dogo Argentino will result in fast paced learning. A Dogo Argentino will get bored with monotonous commands. They can lose interest in training sessions quickly as a result. Keep things lively and make them use that intelligent brain of theirs to solve problems.

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Dogo Argentinos Are Eager To Please

Despite the imposing look of the Dogo Argentino, they are actually extremely affectionate and loving dogs. The Dogo Argentino is very eager to please their owner. Paired with their intelligence, and ability to learn fairly quickly, this trait only accelerates their ability to learn.

As mentioned above, positive reinforcement, along with firm and calm commands will earn you the loyalty and respect of the Dogo Argentino. Strong leadership is respected by your dog. They will be willing to do anything to earn your favor in return.

The loyalty and eagerness to please is what makes the Dogo Argentino such a great family pet. It is also what has made them so smart over the generations. The ability to connect and respond to their owners is built into their DNA as hunting and guarding dogs. 

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Dogo Argentinos Need Mental Stimulation

Dogo Argentinos will bored easily. Because the Dogo Argentino is so smart they will require some daily mental exercise to keep them from developing unwanted behaviors. A Dogo left alone to entertain themselves will end up barking, chewing, and digging their way into trouble.

Make a routine of mental stimulation a part of your everyday regime. Give your Dogo Argentino an opportunity to use their intelligence and problem solving abilities. There are a wide variety of games and activities you can introduce to keep that brain occupied.

Mental stimulation can be activities that give your Dogo Argentino a job, as previously mentioned. Fetch and sniff and search games are excellent options. Sports like agility provide both mental and physical stimulation, and the athletic Dogo excels in these areas.

Other games like tug-of-war, chase games, and flirt poles are fun interactive activities you can do with your Dogo Argentino. They love these types of games that allow them to play and have fun with you. It also taps into their natural prey drive senses and helps direct those instincts.

More solo mental stimulation activities can include food puzzles and Kongs. Adding an extra layer of challenge to your Dogo’s meal time can have the added benefit of mental exercise they crave. I use a Kong for one meal a day with my dogs and they love working for that food.

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Dogo Argentinos Can Be Stubborn

The Dogo Argentino being smart can also have its drawbacks at times. Because of the high intelligence of the Dogo Argentino they can at times be very stubborn. This is where the right kind of leadership really plays a role in the Dogo’s development.

Earning the respect of your Dogo Argentino is something you will need to establish from an early age. This will help prevent many of the stubborn behaviors that can arise later in their life. Your Dogo must look to you as a source of leadership, otherwise convincing them to obey certain commands will become a battle of wills.

The Dogo is a very independent thinking dog. This is part of the reason they are so intelligent. Convincing your Dogo Argentino to respond to your commands is going to be the goal. If you are not a strong leader the Dogo will ask why they should follow instructions rather than blindly obey.

Consistent training from an early age will be vital in raising your Dogo Argentino puppy. Look to as many resources as possible to train yourself as well. You are an important piece of the training and obedience puzzle. Both you and your Dogo should be constantly and consistently learning how to communicate effectively.

Final Thoughts

The Dogo Argentino is beauty, athleticism and brains all wrapped into one. With the right leadership and consistency their intelligence can be crafted into an incredible dog. When neglected the Dogo can become wilful and potentially dangerous if not stimulated and challenged enough.

Use the natural smarts of the Dogo Argentino to its full potential. Engage with them in stimulating activities and games. Give them a role in the family as a worker and companion. Show them strong leadership, and work on obedience and trick training every day.

In the end these brilliant dogs can be amazing ambassadors for the Bully breeds as a whole. The loyalty and eagerness to please of the Dogo Argentino has no limits. These qualities will only further their ability to learn new things, and show the world just how smart a Dogo can be.

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