Are Dogo Argentinos Good Family Pets? 12 Things To Know

The Dogo Argentino is one of the most impressive specimens in the Bully breed family of dogs. These large, muscular, athletic dogs are truly stunning in both appearance and capabilities as a working dog. Gaining in popularity a question often arises about the Dogo Argentino as a companion pet.

Are Dogo Argentinos good family pets? As a whole the Dogo Argentino can be a good family pet for those committed to fulfilling their needs. Dogo Argentinos require a great deal of exercise and consistent training. Loyalty is one of the strongest qualities of the Dogo making them great family companions.

Busy families may find it difficult to keep up with the Dogo. The exercise requirements, attentiveness, and consistent training are all vital in owning a Dogo Argentino. These large, powerful dogs can become a liability when their needs are not being met.

Deciding if the Dogo Argentino is right for your family as a pet will depend on your family’s dynamics. In this article I will go over 12 things you need to know about the Dogo Argentino to make a better informed decision before committing to a Dogo Argentino. Let’s dive in.

Is The Dogo Argentino Friendly?

On average the Dogo Argentino is a very friendly, affectionate and loyal dog to their immediate family. The Dogo Argentino is known to be fiercely loyal and protective, which can make them wary of strangers. Early socialization is a must with these dogs to ensure they are comfortable around other people.

Despite the imposing and powerful appearance of the Dogo Argentino they are actually very loving dogs with their family. Leaning up against you for pets and belly rubs is a common occurrence with these dogs. When they are well exercised and presented with firm and consistent leadership the Dogo Argentino can be a very well balanced dog.

Is Dogo Argentino Good With Children?

As a general rule the Dogo Argentino is good with children within the family unit. Supervision is a must with any breed, but especially the large Dogo Argentino. Over-excited play can lead to children being knocked down and potentially injured. Managing interactions is a must.

Due to the loyalty the Dogo Argentino has towards their family, children within that family are regarded as members of the pack. The Dogo Argentino can be a loyal companion and a gentle playmate when trained and socialized from an early age.

This loyalty does however have its drawbacks when it comes to other children visiting the family. Rough or loud play between children from the home and outside the home can put a Dogo Argentino into protection mode if they interpret the play as a threat. 

Extreme caution should be taken with Dogo Argentinos around children in general, but especially from outside the home. Early socialization is critical to get this breed accustomed to kids inside and outside the home.

Is A Dogo Argentino Good For First Time Owners?

As a whole the Dogo Argentino is not a good dog for first time owners. The Dogo Argentino requires an experienced handler that will provide them with the proper training and socialization. First time owners will find it difficult to manage this large, strong willed dog, and this will lead to liabilities.

This is not to say that a first time owner can’t raise and train a well balanced Dogo Argentino. With the proper guidance and consistency it is entirely possible. The risk still remains however. The Dogo Argentino is a very powerful, smart, strong willed dog that can easily injure, or even fatally wound other pets, or even people.

Are Dogo Argentinos Hard To Train? 

As a general rule Dogo Argentinos are not hard to train under the right handler. Dogo Argentinos are very intelligent dogs and respond well to a firm, consistent, and fair handler when training. The loyalty and smarts of the Dogo Argentino is a great formula for advanced obedience with experienced owners.

Dogo Argentinos, like many bully breeds, can have a stubborn streak. As an owner you need to present yourself in a calm, firm, and fair manner. Convincing the Dogo Argentino to obey a command is about positive reinforcement. They need to have a “why” they should listen to you as a leader.

The earlier you start training and socialization with a Dogo Argentino the better. Establishing a trusting relationship from the early days will ensure obedience much faster. Consistency is key. Training and socialization should never stop with the Dogo. From a very young age well into adulthood daily training sessions should be a part of your routine.

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Are Dogo Argentinos Good With Other Dogs?

On average Dogo Argentinos are good with other dogs of similar size. The Dogo Argentino has a very strong prey drive so smaller dogs, cats, and pets can be at risk around the Dogo. They are pack hunting dogs, so much of the early fighting dog instinct has been bred out to make them cooperative with other dogs.

Dogo Argentinos will do much better in homes without other dogs and pets as a rule. Though they can get along with other dogs, they are still prone to react if challenged or view an animal as prey. Early socialization is a must with the Dogo Argentino to have them adapt to other pets.

If you insist on getting another dog, or introducing a Dogo Argentino to your home with another dog already, same sex dogs should be avoided. Especially males. The Dogo Argentino is not necessarily looking for a fight, but they will not back down when challenged either.

Do Dogo Argentinos Bark A Lot?

The Dogo Argentino has a booming bark, but as a general rule do not bark a lot. When a Dogo Argentino is not getting enough exercise, attention, and mental stimulation however, excessive barking and other destructive behaviors can become a problem.

Boredom and pent up energy can lead to a Dogo Argentino barking a lot. These dogs require a great deal of exercise to keep their muscular physique, and mental stimulation to give these working dogs a job or task to perform.  

Can A Dogo Argentino Be Left Alone?

As a general rule a Dogo Argentino should not be left alone for long. This breed requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. When left alone at home for extended periods of time destructive behaviors such as barking, digging, and excessive chewing can happen.

There are times when every family needs to be away from their dog of course. If you work a typical 8-9 hours away from home it is best to give your Dogo Argentino a mid day visit to get some exercise and stimulation. 

Hiring a professional dog walker that can handle your Dogo Argentino, or coming home at lunch should be a consideration. 

Dogo Argentinos that are potty trained can be left alone during a full work day if given exercise before leaving. An early morning walk for 45-60 minutes can make leaving your Dogo Argentino for the rest of the day much easier and mitigate any potential destructive behaviors.

Can a Dogo Argentino Live In An Apartment?

As a whole a Dogo Argentino can live in an apartment so long as they are given the proper amount of exercise each day. A well exercised Dogo Argentino can be a very calm and relaxed apartment dog. Socialization of noisy neighbors will be a must to prevent territorial behaviors such as barking.

I lived in an apartment complex with a neighbor that had a beautiful male Dogo Argentino. Each and every morning, afternoon, and evening he would get his dog out for some exercise and socialization. The dog lived very peacefully in our building and rarely barked.

How Much Exercise Does A Dogo Argentino Need?

On average a Dogo Argentino will need 60-90 minutes of vigorous exercise each and every day. The Dogo Argentino is a working dog with the instinct to hunt. This was the original purpose of this breed, and their innate need to be active physically and mentally requires a lot of time and effort as an owner.

Exercise can be broken into chunks of time throughout the day. A routine of brisk walks in the morning and evening, along with a variety of activities and games is ideal. Dogo Argentinos need both physical and mental exercise to remain balanced and calm while at home.

Activities that can engage your Dogo Argentino such as fetch are a great way to provide exercise. The natural prey drive of the Dogo can be directed to these sorts of activities and be very fulfilling and exhausting. Advanced obedience, agility, hiking, and rally are other activities you can incorporate in your routine.

Do Dogo Argentinos Like To Run?

On average Dogo Argentinos do like to run. This activity is a great way to exercise your dog as well as tap into their hunting dog instinct. Much of the working dog energy that comes from the Dogo is based around the idea of a hunt, so running comes quite naturally to this breed.

Always exercise caution when exercising your Dogo Argentino with high intensity activities. As much as they enjoy the activity and can benefit from it, things like heat, uneven terrain, and overworking them can cause issues.

Monitor your Dogo Argentinos energy levels when going for a run. Chances are they will have no problem keeping up, and may even push you to go for that extra lap. However extreme heat should be avoided. If your Dogo Argentino begins to slow down and show signs of fatigue it is best to give them a break from running. Safety first!

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Do Dogo Argentinos Shed A Lot?

Despite being a short haired breed the Dogo Argentino can shed a lot for a bully breed. On top of that the white hair of the Dogo Argentino can be a lot more visible around the home on clothing and furniture. A proper grooming routine can reduce the amount of shedding and loose hair around the home.

Giving your Dogo Argentino a weekly brushing will remove any loose hair and prevent it from getting all over your home and clothing. This is also a great way to promote healthy skin by distributing the natural oils they produce.

Diet can play a big role in reducing the amount of shedding your Dogo Argentino may be experiencing. A diet in high quality proteins that are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals will improve their skin and coat health.

Supplements such as a Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil will also provide great skin and coat benefits. I give my Staffy and American Bully this Omega 3 supplement every morning to ensure they have healthy skin, strong bones, and great heart health.

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Are Dogo Argentinos Dangerous?

There are many factors that contribute to a dog being dangerous, but as a whole the Dogo Argentino can be a dangerous dog. When the needs of exercise, stimulation, firm leadership, and socialization is not met, the Dogo Argentino can be dangerous to both family members and strangers.

The temperament of the Dogo Argentino is not by default dangerous, but because they are such strong, athletic and prey driven dogs. Any dog can be aggressive and unruly when their needs are not met. Because the Dogo is such a large powerful breed, this can lead to more potential for injury and fatalities.

As mentioned the Dogo Argentino is not a good dog for first time owners. Experienced dog handlers familiar with the breed and the requirements they need are better suited. The Dogo Argentino needs an owner that can meet their needs and recognize signs of potentially dangerous behaviors.

Is A Dogo Argentino Right For Me?

There are many factors to consider when deciding if the Dogo Argentino is right for you and your family. Experience with large breed dogs, preferably bully breeds is ideal. The leadership demands need to be consistent, firm, fair and positive for the Dogo to thrive.

Consider the amount of time you have to properly exercise, train, and socialize your Dogo Argentino each day. Busy families that skip the occasional walk, or don’t have time for added training will have issues owning a Dogo Argentino.

There must be a firm commitment made to provide these dogs with everything they need to remain balanced. The liabilities of neglecting any aspect of your Dogo Argentinos care can be severe. 

The Dogo Argentino can be an ideal family companion. Committed owners can experience the absolute joy of working with these exceptional dogs. Few breeds match the courage, loyalty and intelligence of the Dogo Argentino. Providing them with everything they need will produce an absolutely amazing family pet for many years.

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