Can A Dogo Argentino Live Outside? 7 Dogo Facts

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Dogo Argentinos are known for their athletic abilities and superior hunting instincts. These dogs were bred for the outdoors. Hunting wild game in Argentina like boars and puma has been the Dogo Argentino’s claim to fame. Just because they excel outside, does that mean they can live there?

Can a Dogo Argentino live outside? As a general rule a Dogo Argentino should not live outside. The Dogo is a very human oriented breed and craves being around their owners. Living outside, separate from family is not an ideal situation. Dogo Argentinos fare much better alongside family indoors.

Leaving your Dogo Argentino to live outside can result in other undesired consequences. The guard dog nature of the Dogo can lead to excessive barking and aggressive, over protective behaviors of your property. Not to mention their high prey drive that could have them escaping the yard to chase a neighbor cat.

In this post I will go over some of the living habits and arrangements of the Dogo Argentino. Where they can live, how they can live, and things that should be avoided. By the end of this post you will have a better understanding of how to live with a Dogo Argentino.

Are Dogo Argentinos Good In Cold Weather?

As a general rule the Dogo Argentino does not do good in cold weather. Dogo Argentino’s have a thin, short coat that is not ideal for colder temperatures. They can be very sensitive to the cold and prolonged exposure in sub zero temperature can quickly lead to frostbite and hypothermia. 

Dogo Argentinos that live in areas that get cold in the winter should not be kept as outdoor dogs. A Dogo living outside in freezing temperatures is dangerous for the dog. Keep your Dogo inside with the family during cold weather, and get yourself a good winter coat for the times you have to venture out.


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Can Dogo Argentinos Live In Hot Weather?

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As a general rule the Dogo Argentino can live in hot weather relatively easily. Originating from the South American country of Argentina, the Dogo Argentino is well adapted to survive hot weather. The thin, short coat of the dog allows them to remain cooler than most breeds, and endure hot weather.

Every dog has their limits when it comes to hot weather. Providing your Dogo Argentino with sufficient shaded areas to take a break from the sun is necessary. Access to fresh, cold drinking water is a must, and excessive exercise in extreme heat should be avoided.

Can A Dogo Argentino Be A House Dog?

As a whole the Dogo Argentino is a great house dog. As much as the Dogo enjoys the active outdoor lifestyle, they also thrive around family and being able to cuddle with their loved ones. The Dogo is a highly affectionate dog that loves being inside the house spending time with their owners.

When given the proper amounts of exercise and attention the Dogo Argentino is a very calm, relaxed and docile dog indoors. These dogs are ideal for people who crave an active lifestyle, but appreciate a quiet evening indoors with their companion pet.

A house with a decent sized backyard would be great for the Dogo Argentino as well. Room for interaction with the family through games and activities will provide your Dogo with much needed mental exercise. Not to mention the attention they crave from family members.

Can A Dogo Argentino Live In A Small House?

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As a general rule a Dogo Argentino can live comfortably in a small house. When properly exercised the Dogo Argentino will be a calm and relaxed dog inside the home. Though the Dogo is a large breed of dog they have no problem sharing space with their loved ones.

Access to a yard would be ideal, but is not necessary. Finding areas to play and interact with your Dogo Argentino will provide them with both the physical and mental exercise they require.

Indoor activities to provide your Dogo Argentino with mental stimulation can be easily achieved in any space. Basic trick training or obedience training can be performed in a small room or living area. A couple 15 minutes sessions a day will have tremendous benefits and help maintain a well balanced dog.

Can A Dogo Argentino Live In An Apartment?

As a whole Dogo Argentinos can live in an apartment, but proper exercise and socialization is critical. Because of the natural guard dog instincts the Dogo possess, apartment living can create a situation where your dog is always on alert. Training for this will be critical.

I have personally lived in an apartment where my neighbor owned a Dogo Argentino. He was an incredibly responsible owner that exercised and socialized his dog every day. His Dogo lived peacefully in the apartment and never had issues around barking or other people.

Socialization is an absolute must in apartment living situations. The Dogo Argentino is prone to be less friendly with other dogs, and can be reactive in certain situations. Tight hallways and elevator rides can become a dangerous scenario. For Dogos that are not proper socialized from an early age these encounters can become a liability.

Can A Dogo Argentino Be Left Alone?

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Dogo Argentinos should not be left alone for long periods of time. Because of their high intelligence and strong bond with their family they can become easily bored and develop separation anxiety. This can lead to problem behaviors such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, and other anxiety related issues.

Giving your Dogo Argentino a good amount of exercise before leaving the house will be important. Draining the large amount of energy the Dogo has will reduce boredom and anxiety related issues dramatically. A tired dog is a happy dog.

Early training with a crate is also ideal. A Dogo Argentino must learn how to spend time alone in a calm and relaxed state. There will be times when you need to leave your Dogo home alone for a few hours and being proactive in their training is a must.

Final Thoughts

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The Dogo Argentino built for outdoor activities. This doesn’t mean they should stay there. A natural hunter with the athletic abilities few other breeds possess, yet a loving homebody that loves to cuddle up with the family.

When deciding to get a Dogo Argentino you must factor in the idea that this dog will live with you in the home. Leaving your Dogo to live outside will lead to a host of problems, and possible liabilities. 

A Dogo Argentino doesn’t care how big your house is or how small your apartment is. They care about you as the owner. Give them the exercise, mental stimulation, training, socialization and love they deserve and you will have a wonderful dog for years to come. Inside together, as a family.

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