Should I Let My Pitbull Sleep In Bed With Me? 7 Bedtime Tips

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There are a lot of different opinions on whether you should let your Pitbull sleep in your bed. Many people argue that dogs should not sleep in your bed. Others are adamant that they not only can sleep in your bed, but should. I myself have battled with this question, and my decision was based on a few things.

Should I let my Pitbull sleep in bed with me? There are several factors to examine before making this decision. Age, size, level of training, sleep routines, and general health of you and your dog must be taken into consideration before allowing your dog in your bed.

Ultimately the decision will come down to you as the owner. There are a few reasons why you should never let your Pitbull sleep in your bed. On the flip side there are also many reasons why you should. I myself allow my Staffy to sleep in my bed after careful consideration of the tips mentioned in the sections below.

I have also decided that my American Bully puppy will not be sleeping in my bed. Now and quite possibly in the future. Based on these same considerations I applied to my Staffy.

Allowing my Pitbulls to sleep in my bed needs to meet certain criteria. In this post I will go over the various aspects to consider in your decision of whether you should let your Pitbull sleep in your bed with you. Let’s dig in.

Do Pitbulls Like To Sleep With Their Owners?

As a general rule most Pitbulls will like to sleep with their owners. Whether that is relaxing on the couch or overnight in the same bed as you. Pitbulls are very affectionate and protective dogs that love to cuddle with their owners. 

In fact, this is why your Pitbull will often sleep on you. They love to be close to you, sleep with you, and share the same bed as you. Granted that every dog is a little different, and some Pitbulls might prefer to sleep in their own space. But on average a Pitbull will pick a spot in bed with you rather than by themselves.

Is It OK For My Pitbull To Sleep With Me?

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There are several reasons argued as to why allowing your Pitbull to sleep with you is not only OK but in some cases beneficial. Many people claim, and some studies have shown that sleeping with your dog can provide a range of health and sleep benefits.

Everything from reduction in depression, lower blood pressure, relief of insomnia to a greater sense of security, general well being and a reduction in allergies later in life for children. 

Even if we place no weight in these studies, allowing your Pitbull to sleep in your bed with you is ultimately your choice.

There are some safe and practical ways to approach this decision to ensure both you and your dog have a good night sleep. There are some cases however where allowing your Pitbull to sleep in your bed is not OK. 

Is It Bad To Let Your Pitbull Sleep With You?

There are a few situations where letting your Pitbull sleep with you in bed is a bad idea. Namely when it comes to your health. People that suffer from allergies or are light sleepers will find sleeping with their Pitbull difficult due to interrupted sleep and elevated exposure to allergens from their dog.

Other factors such as your Pitbulls age and level of obedience can make bedtime together a bad idea. Young puppies can be particularly disruptive and develop long term bad habits when co-sleeping is not approached properly.

In the next section I will cover the 7 things you need to consider before letting your Pitbull sleep with you in bed. Each factor must be examined and used to determine how you will choose to approach co-sleeping with your dog.

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Tips For Sleeping With A Pitbull In Your Bed

When I first got my Staffy I thought sleeping in bed together was a no brainer. After a few nights I came to realize I had not considered a number of things. My evaluation of the idea needed a deeper look. In the end my little Pitbull sleeps with me, but after some of the following tips were applied.

Start At The Appropriate Age

One of the biggest mistakes you could make when letting your Pitbull sleep with you in bed is starting too early. Puppies have very weak bladders up until around the age of 6 months. Getting through the night without an accident can be tough enough as it is. Having the accident occur in your bed, well that plain stinks.

Give your puppy a chance to be potty trained before inviting them into bed. A Pitbull puppy will need to be at least 6 months old with a good consecutive streak of no accidents before being allowed in bed overnight.

Personally I would highly recommend crate training your puppy. I have crate trained both my Pitbulls and it has worked wonders for potty training, separation anxiety, and general comfort for my dogs. Once your dogs are crate trained, then consider an invite up into bed.

icrate for potty training

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Bedtime Is Not Playtime

Keep your bed a place where playtime is not permitted. Teaching your Pitbull that the bed area is a place to play will only make bedtimes that much harder. Teach your dog that the bed is a place to rest and sleep. This will ensure your Pitbull settles in for the night faster, and both of you can get a good night sleep.

Keep It Clean

Dogs can bring in all sorts of dirt, bugs, and allergens from the outside. Before bedtime make sure your Pitbull is clean. Generally what I do when I get in from our last potty break is give my dogs feet, belly, body butt, and face a good wipe down. Not necessarily in that order.

Using a gentle hypoallergenic dog wipe, such as the Earth Rated unscented wipes, helps remove any dirt, allergens and potential critters that may have come inside with your Pitbull. You can rest better knowing your pet is cleaner and as a result, so are you.

earth rated dog wipes

Size Will Matter

Before getting your Pitbull puppy accustomed to sleeping with you in your bed you must consider how big they will get. Pitbull adults can take up a large amount of space, and if they have always slept with you in bed, you are gonna have a potential big problem.

For some a big Pitbull sleeping in their bed is no big deal, for others this may disrupt your sleep a lot. Consider how big your dog will be when fully grown and decide beforehand if sharing your bed is the best situation for you.

This criteria is one of the main reasons my American Bully puppy does not sleep in my bed currently. When fully grown he will be an 80lbs sack of potatoes and contending with him and my Staffy in bed is just not something I think will work. So he sleeps in his comfy crate next to my bed, and has no complaints.

Be The Bedtime Boss, Set Rules

Sharing your bed with your Pitbull is a decision you have to make, not your dog. Establishing rules around the bed and bedroom in general is a job for you as a leader and owner. Setting rules and inviting your Pitbull into your space is an important aspect of co-sleeping with a dog.

Your Pitbull must understand that you are in control of the space. Asking your dog to move into a different spot on the bed should never become a battle of wills. Teaching your Pitbull that you own the space is a matter of inviting them into that space. Always claim the bed as your own then permit your dog to join you.

My Staffy understands the bed is my space, even after 10 years of co-sleeping. From day one I established the rules and she responds each and every time I ask her to move, shift, or get down off the bed. As a result we co-sleep in perfect harmony together.

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Set A Routine

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Dogs are creatures of habit and routines. Establishing a proper bedtime routine with your Pitbull will make the whole process of getting comfortable and getting a good rest possible. Not having a routine can lead to your dog claiming you bed, not settling in easily, and general disruptions in the early part of the night.

My Staffy knows that she has to wait to go to bed with me. She will sleep, nap and snooze elsewhere until I begin our bedtime routine. From an early age she understood that she needs to be invited into the bed each night. She also understands that she has to wait for me to settle in and get comfortable before she can do the same.

Be Aware Of Health Issues

Health issues are the number one issue why your dog should not sleep in bed with you. If you suffer from allergies related to your Pitbull, or from allergens your Pitbull brings in from the outside, they should not sleep in bed with you. This will result in a terrible sleep and elevated allergy symptoms.

Issues related to sleeping, specifically insomnia or generally being a light sleep, are other reasons to keep your Pitbull out of your bed. Dogs move, shift, and snore. This can be very disruptive for a light sleep or someone who has trouble falling and staying asleep.

Similarly if your dog has health issues they should not be sleeping in your bed with you. Pitbulls that are prone to upset stomachs, irritable bowels, or joint problems should not sleep in your bed. 

The potential for messy midnight accidents, and potential injuries from jumping off the bed while you sleep are all things that should be avoided. It is best to make your Pitbull comfortable in their own space so you both can get a good rest.

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Final Thoughts

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In the end, deciding if you should let your Pitbull sleep in bed with you is a choice you need to make for yourself. Each person and Pitbull are different so each decision will be different. Following some of the criteria mentioned above will help you better determine if it is the right choice for you.

Weigh the options. Understand your own sleeping patterns and habits. Look ahead to when your dog is fully grown and takes up much more space. Have a good picture of what a life of co-sleeping with your Pitbull will look like before you begin the habit of sharing your bed.

Don’t feel guilty about your decision one way or the other. I am perfectly fine sharing my bed with my Staffy. I am however not going to allow my American Bully puppy to sleep in bed with me. It is a choice I have thought through and believe is the best option in both cases for both dogs. Sleep is important, and the decision to share your space should be as well.


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