Why Do Pitbulls Fart So Much? 7 Gassy Reasons & Remedies

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Farts are a natural part of life. I never thought I would open a blog post this way, but this is a fact. Pitbulls, like humans, will be gassy from time to time. When your Pitbulls farts become a little too frequent and far too smelly it’s time to take a closer look into why. I have experienced my fair share of Pitbull farts with my dogs and learned a few things along the way.

Why do Pitbulls fart so much? There are several reasons why your Pitbull will be farting a lot. The most common causes are a change in diet, eating something rotten or spoiled, and foods that are hard to digest. Factors such as how your Pitbull eats and potential health problems are also causes.

To help your Pitbull, and anyone else in the room, you need to be able to determine the reason why they are so gassy. Excessive farts and extra pungent farts can all be traced back to one of more causes. In this post I will help you determine why your Pitbull farts so much and some potential solutions.

Do Pitbulls Fart A Lot?

As a whole Pitbulls aren’t known to fart a lot more than other breeds. Proper diet, exercise, and eating habits will help prevent your Pitbull from farting a lot. Farts are natural and should be expected occasionally, Pitbulls with excessive gas are experiencing other problems not directly related to their breed.

When your Pitbull is farting a lot it’s not because they are a Pitbull, it’s because something is wrong with their diet, activity level, feeding routine, or some underlying health issue. In the next section will go over all the reasons why your Pitbull farts so much.

Why Is My Pitbull So Gassy?

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When dealing with a gassy Pitbull there are seven common reasons why they fart so much. Determining which of these is causing your Pitbull’s gas will help you find a solution.

  • Type Of Diet
  • Change In Diet
  • Food Allergies & Sensitivities
  • Swallowing Air
  • Table Scraps & Garbage
  • Lack Of Exercise
  • Health Issues

Let’s take a closer look at each of the common reasons to better understand what might be causing your Pitbulls gas problem.

Type Of Diet

What your Pitbull is eating is probably the main reason they fart so much. There are certain foods that can be hard for them to digest and cause added fermentation in their gut and bowls. This will lead to more farts, more often.

If you are feeding your Pitbull any of the following foods it could be why they are farting a lot.

  • Soybeans
  • Peas
  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Highly fermentable fibers – lactulose, psyllium, or oat bran
  • Milk products
  • High-fat diets
  • Spicy foods

Avoiding these types of food or keeping them to a minimum will help with your Pitbull’s gas problem. My Pitbulls both love cheese, so I will give them a small piece as a treat on occasion. This doesn’t create a big stink in my place. The time my Pitbull ate a couple big slices of cheese had her farting up a storm for a couple days.

High quality premium dog foods are the best way to ensure your Pitbull is getting the optimal diet. The proper nutrition is important for their gut health and keeping gassy reactions to a normal level. Invest in a high quality food and avoid ones with poor quality proteins and fillers like corn, soy, legumes, and ash.

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Change In Diet

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A sudden change in diet can throw your Pitbull’s stomach off and create higher than normal levels of gas. When making a switch to a different type of food it is important to transition them slowly. 

I have transitioned my Staffy over to a new brand and protein base a couple times when she was younger. When I changed things over too fast the first time we had a smelly issue for several days. We ended up pulling things back and beginning the transition again to help calm her stomach and gut.

Start slow when changing diets. Introduce the new food a little bit at a time each meal across the span of 1-2 weeks. Adding a little more of the new food and removing some of the old food. This will give your Pitbull’s digestive system a chance to adapt to the new diet without causing excessive farts.

Food Allergies & Sensitive Stomachs

Pitbulls are a fairly robust and healthy dog, but they can be prone to food allergies and sensitive stomachs. One of the first indicators that my Pitbull had an allergy to chicken protein was the excessive, and very smelly farts.

Oftentimes food allergies will produce other symptoms such as hives, or uncomfortable levels of itchy skin and paws. Watch for these added signs of allergies and consult with your vet about which types of foods you should avoid, and which ones you should switch over to.

Sensitive stomachs can also cause a lot of farts in your Pitbull. My one dog can handle a little piece of fruit no problem, while the other one will fart up a storm. Watch for certain food sensitivities and try to avoid feeding your dog foods you suspect are causing the issue.

Swallowing Air

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When your Pitbull eats their food are they gobbling it down like it’s a race? If this is the case they are swallowing a lot of air in the process and this will lead to extra farts. They need to slow down or be fed smaller meals throughout the day.

Dogs that eat especially fast often do so out of panic or feelings of competition with other pets. There are a number of ways to prevent this type of fast eating and avoid the excessive gas and potential other health problems that may arise.

Slow feeders are a great way to slow down your Pitbull’s eating habit. A slow feeder will force your Pitbull to take smaller bits and consume their food much slower. As a result far less air is being swallowed and creating less chances of excessive farts

Outward Hound has a great collection of various slow feeders on Amazon. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes and are perfect for those fast eating Pitbulls.

Table Scraps & Garbage

We have all seen that face when sitting down to eat a meal. That adorable Pitbull stare just begging for a taste of whatever you have. The problem with giving your dog table scraps is that oftentimes it is high in fat, sugar, or other hard to digest foods.

Avoid giving your Pitbull table scraps, especially if they are prone to having gas. Our human food can be too much for them to handle and raise a big stink.

Keep your garbage secured in the home, and be mindful of garbage when out with your Pitbull. There have been several times when I wasn’t paying attention to my Pitbull and she ate something off the ground she shouldn’t have. This caused days worth of farts, and diarrhea. Getting into the garbage will leave you with more than one mess on your hands.

Another thing to be very mindful of is other animals poop. I know some dogs that love to eat rabbit poop, goose poop, cat poop, and other dog’s poop. This can lead to terrible upset stomachs and possibly contracting a serious illness or parasite.

Lack Of Exercise

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Sedentary Pitbulls will often suffer from gas problems. The lack of exercise will allow for food to rest in your dog’s gut and ferment causing foul farts. Exercise is important for every dog for countless reasons, one of which is keeping their digestive system moving and allowing for food to move without sitting in their gut too long.

Health Issues

In some cases underlying health issues are what’s causing your Pitbull’s gas problems. Health issues such as gastrointestinal conditions, neoplasia, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation of the intestine, or a parasite or virus. 

Underlying health issues like gastrointestinal conditions are usually accompanied by other symptoms. If your Pitbull is experiencing any of the following symptoms as well, it is best to consult with your vet as soon as possible.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite 

Consulting with your veterinarian will give you a better understanding of the root cause of your Pitbulls excessive farts and discomfort. Determine exactly what is causing the discomfort and ailments your Pitbull is experiencing and get them treated as soon as possible.

How Can I Help My Pitbull With Gas?

Once you have ruled out the possibility of some underlying chronic health issue there are a few things you can do to help with your Pitbulls gas problems. 

Feed your Pitbull a premium quality dog food. Highly digestible ingredients with real protein sources, no fillers, and rich in vitamins in minerals. A good diet is the first step towards a healthy gut and less frequent flatulence.

Try some Probiotics. Gut health for your dog can be helped with some good probiotics mixed into their diet. Pet Honesty makes a fantastic digestive probiotic that I have used with my Pitbulls.

Slow your Pitbulls eating down. Invest in a slow feeder to reduce the amount of air that your Pitbull is swallowing and allow their stomachs to handle their meals more efficiently. Feed your Pitbull in an area of the home where they may feel another pet is competing for their food. This will help them relax and eat slower as well.

Give your Pitbull smaller meals throughout the day. A large meal can sometimes be hard for a dog to digest. Feeding small meals will allow your Pitbull to better digest their meals and not accumulate excess gas in their intestinal tract.

Exercise your Pitbull everyday. Pitbulls are very active dogs and need a good amount of exercise each day. An active dog will be able to better digest their food and prevent gas from building up.

Consult with your vet about potential food allergies and sensitivities. Transitioning slowly to a new type of food with the help of your vet can help with allergy related farts. Oftentimes this means switching the carbohydrate or protein source in your Pitbulls food.

Don’t feed your dog table scraps, and monitor their activity outside. Table scraps, garbage, feces, and rotten foods will lead to upset stomachs and gassy dogs. It can also cause further health problems like diarrhea and vomiting. 

Final Thoughts

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The reasons why your Pitbull farts so much can be easy to determine. Take a close look at their diet, eating habits, exercise frequency and overall health. Take the necessary steps to identify the cause and work towards a remedy and prevention.

The occasional dog fart is natural, and depending on your level of maturity, kinda funny. When it stops being funny is when it becomes frequent, very potent, and causes your dog a degree of discomfort.

It is always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian if you are unsure. Expert opinions can help guide you towards a cause and treatment.

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