Do Pocket American Bullies Need Exercise? – 10 American Bully Exercise

american bully not aggressive mouth openAt the time of writing this post I have had my Pocket American Bully Chester for 6 weeks. He is just over 4 months old now, and a bundle of energy, wrinkles, and snoozes. Before getting Chester I did a TON of research into the breed. I figured for such a short and stocky dog he wouldn’t need much exercise.

Do Pocket American Bullies need a lot of exercise? As a whole Pocket Bullies do require about 60 minutes of physical and mental exercise each day. Despite their small and sturdy appearance, they are energetic dogs that require a daily routine of walks, mental stimulation and human interactive activities.

Now that I have done days upon days of research, and have had first hand experience with a Pocket American Bully puppy, I can tell you, they need a lot of physical exercise, mental stimulation, and interaction with humans.

Chester has kept me very busy these past 6 weeks. I have learned a ton about this breed and what types of exercise they enjoy most. Even though he is just a puppy still I have discovered some amazing routines with him that will only expand as he gets older.

Stick around to learn more about the exercise needs of Pocket American Bullies and how to best take care of their daily needs.

How Much Exercise Do Pocket American Bullies Need?

As a general rule Pocket American Bullies should get around 60 minutes of physical exercise per day. Mental stimulation, or brain exercises, are just as important. The Pocket American Bully is an intelligent dog and will require daily engaging activities that allow them to use their brain.

Tip #1 - Break exercise into manageable chunks of time throughout the day to give your dog opportunities to burn off energy and engage with you.

Exercise can be broken into different chunks of time throughout the day. A 30 minute walk in the morning and the evening, with some 15 minutes games, puzzles and training mixed in will be plenty to meet your American Bully’s needs.

Tip #2 - Supplement exercise with daily training. Mixing in obedience and trick training can provide great mental stimulation and burn off energy.

Essential American Bully Exercise Toys

The American bully exercise toys include durable chew toys and interactive toys like rope tugs or rubber balls. Rubber balls are the best way to play with your bully and interact with them. American bully exercise equipment such as hurdles and tunnels help them to become athletic and improve coordination.

Toys like dog puzzle toya, meet squeak dog toy, and bob-a-lot dog toys challenge the dog’s mental and physical health. It enhances the dog’s problem-solving skills, catering to their instincts, and makes an interactive play.

How Much Exercise Does A Pocket American Bully Puppy Need?

pocket american bully chester exercise

On average a Pocket American Bully puppy will need around 30 minutes of physical exercise a day. This will depend on the age of your puppy as a very young puppy will, and should, get less exercise than a much older puppy. Over exercise can harm your puppy, and certain activities should be avoided while they develop.

A growing puppy should be exercised much differently than a fully developed adult. The growth plates of your Pocket American Bully puppy will take time to form and pushing your puppy too hard on walks can cause damage to their forming bones.

Tip #3 - Jumping should be avoided with your Pocket Bully puppy as well. Do not let your puppy jump on or off of any furniture or surfaces taller than they are.

Because Pocket Bullies are a short and stocky breed, jumping will cause extra stress on their joints and bones leading to potentially serious problems in the moment and in the future.

Daily walks between 10-20 minutes twice a day should be the maximum amount of time needed. These walks should be a slower pace, and allowing for meandering and sniffing for your puppy to explore their environment.

Tip #4 - Do not push your puppy to walk faster or longer. Gradually increase the length and speed of your walks over time. Up to the age of 6 months walks should be a pretty leisurely activity.

Mental exercise for your puppy will be a must. Lots of games, activities, and fun short training sessions should be a part of their daily routine. Puppies can burn off a lot of energy through engaged activities, and this ensures they are safe from over exercising physically.

Check out this video of me training with my Pocket American Bully Chester. We work in about 10-15 minutes each day working on his basics. Afterwards he is pooped for a few hours and that much smarter for our efforts.

What Do Pocket American Bullies Like To Do For Exercise?

Each dog has its own personality and will favor certain activities over others. As a whole however, Pocket American Bullies enjoy anything that is a challenge, engages them mentally, and especially involves interacting with their owners.

In the brief period of time I have had my Pocket American Bully Chester, I have exposed him to a variety of activities to find what he likes. So far I haven’t found one he doesn’t like. Keeping within the bounds of his exercise limitations as a puppy.

Tip #5 - Expose your Pocket Bully to a variety of different activities to find what you both enjoy the most, and to keep things fun and interesting.

These are just a few activities that your Pocket American Bully will like to do, regardless of age. Just gauge the intensity level of each based on their age. Whether puppy, adult or senior, each of these can be fully enjoyed by your dog.

Walk & Hiking

american bully standing

Daily walks should be a part of your routine. Pocket American Bullies love to be outside with their favorite person for a good stroll around the neighborhood. This is one of the single best activities you can do with your Pocket Bully to give them exercise and strengthen your bond as an owner.

Hiking is also a great activity for you and your dog to explore nature and all the sights and smells. If you dog has good recall skills, allowing them off leash in permitted areas to explore as you hike is a dream come true for Pocket Bullies.

Tip #6 - Make walks a part of your daily routine. Connect with your dog on a daily basis and enjoy a 30 minute stroll and some fresh air. There is nothing better than a nice walk with your little buddy at your side.

Gauge your Bully’s energy level, don’t push them to hike on really difficult terrain, or in extreme hot or cold weather. I know I don’t want to have to carry my Pocket Bully back to the car if he hurts himself. And he is only a 35lbs puppy still. Hike with safety in mind always.

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Off Leash Exploration

Finding nice green spaces and off leash permitted trails or parks is great for your Pocket Bully. I tend to avoid the busy dog parks. They can be chaotic and dirty. I much prefer areas where my dogs can roam free and explore. Meeting the occasional dog along the way and socializing in a less chaotic environment.

Tip #7 - Exploration and socialization should be a part of your Pocket Bully’s regular weekly routine. Allowing for discovery and fun interaction with other people and pets.

Big and small backyards for puppies is a fantastic option as well. Allowing your dog to freely explore the world. Learn new smells, experience different surfaces and sounds. Setting up a playdate with a neighbor for puppies in a yard is a great way for them to socialize and explore at the same time.

american bully puppy biting

Flirt Poles

Flirt poles are a great way to engage your Pocket American Bully. This game is a great form of physical exercise and a way to give your Bully the human interaction they crave. For puppies a flirt pole is a great way to help them develop their coordination skills.

I have just recently started using a flirt pole with my Pocket American Bully puppy and he LOVES it. He is quickly learning how to chase and coordinate his timing with the movement of the flirt toy.

I purchased the JT PET Dog Flirt Pole and have nothing but good things to say. It’s durable and extendable making it perfect for my Pocket American Bully.

JT PET Dog Flirt Pole



A good old game of fetch is perfect for a Pocket American Bully. This classic game is great physical exercise and gives you a great opportunity to incorporate training during the game. Having your dog sit and wait before you release them to fetch, and working on recall and drop commands to return the ball.

Tip #8 - Find opportunities in every activity to incorporate some extra training. Fun activities can be great ways to incorporate learning and develop your Pocket Bully’s obedience level.

Tug of War

Tug of war might be my Pocket American Bully puppy’s favorite game so far. Maybe because he is teething, but I think he just loves the interaction and physical exercise. Get yourself a good tug toy or rope and your Bully will love this play time activity.

Tug of war is another opportunity to work in the mental stimulation of training by practicing the “release” or “drop” command. Which is a very important aspect of playing this game.

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Spring Poles

Spring poles can be a great supplementary activity for people with a yard. This allows for your Pocket American Bully to essentially play tug of war with themselves. Simply hang the pole from a tree of sturdy, secure structure and let them tire themselves out.

DIBBATU Spring Pole


Weight Pulling

As your Pocket Bully has fully developed into an adult dog, weight pulling can be excellent exercise for them. Weight pulling allows your Pocket Bully to exert a lot of physical energy while giving them a job to do. Their short, muscular stature makes these dogs very suitable for this activity.

Always exercise your Pocket Bully within their limits. Never push them to overexert themselves, or exercise in extreme heat. Weight pulling shouldn’t be worked into your Bully’s exercise routine until at least 2 years of age. This is not a suitable game for puppies.

Tip #9 - High intensity activities such as spring poles and weight pulling can be a great way to engage your Pocket Bully, but always do so with caution. You never want to risk injury or exhaustion. Safety first with these types of activities.

Brain Games & Training

Never underestimate the energy you can burn from your Pocket American Bully with training and mental stimulation. A good 15-20 minute training session can be as tiring as a walk with your dog. Food puzzles are also a great way to engage your dog’s brain as they work through a Kong or Outward Hound food puzzle.

Games like Search & Sniff where you hide your Pocket Bully’s favorite treats or toys in the yard or throughout the house is excellent brain training. Having your dog sniff out their rewards is a fun and interactive game they will love. Working in “hot” and “cold” commands as an added training layer is even better.

Tip #10 - Get creative with brain games and training. Look for ways to engage with your dog’s brain. Pocket Bullies are smart dogs and crave a good challenge for their minds.

Final Thoughts

American Bully Chester cuddle on my lap

There are many ways to exercise a Pocket American Bully. I have only mentioned a handful of great ways to exercise and engage with your dog. Find your own ways to give your Bully the exercise, interaction and stimulation they crave each day.

I have always said that a tired dog is a happy dog. Finding your Bully’s favorite activities and making the time each day to take care of their needs will reap tremendous benefits.

A well exercised Pocket American Bully is far less likely to engage in destructive behaviors, and much more likely to be a balanced and reliable dog.

So get out there with your Pocket American Bully and have some FUN!

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