The Best Leashes, Harnesses, & Collars for Bully Breed Dogs

american pit bull terrier in a harness

With a million different options out there it can be hard to find what you need for a good leash, harness and collar. Let alone know what you need in a good leash, harness, and collar.

For me it took a little trial and error to find just the right solution for my Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I went through about a dozen different variations of leashes, harnesses, and collars before finding what works best, and lasts the longest.

Back then I wish I had a resource to know what I was looking for, and why. Lucky for you I have taken my 10 years of dog owner wisdom and distilled it into one epic curated list of the best dog leashes, harnesses, and collars for a bully breed dog.

Some of these products are ones I currently own and use on a regular basis. Others are ones I have on my wishlist on Amazon because they are such great products. Everything on this list is something I use myself, or plan to buy. Comfort, safety, quality and price are all top priorities when selecting these items.

I have sifted through all the ratings, reviews, and company profiles to provide you with the cream of the crop in leashes, harnesses, and dog collars.

The 7 Best Dog Leashes For Bully Breeds – Frenchies to Pitbulls

Finding the right leash for your Bully breed comes down to comfort, quality and safety. You need to make sure you are able to comfortable control you dog, and provide them with optimal safety and visibility. These are the top 7 dog leashes for bully breeds available today.

iYoShop 6 FT Strong Dog Leash

iyoshop dog leash

The iYoShop dog leash is a premium quality dog leash at a fantastic price. This heavy duty 6 foot leash has an amazing padded handle, reflective nylon threads, and swivel metal clasp to avoid twists and tangles. The climbing rope strength and durability ensures a tough, long lasting dog leash.

The iYoShop dog leash comes in a variety of colors and is made for dogs big and small.


  • Padded Handle
  • Reflective Threads
  • Swivel Metal Clasp
  • Heavy Duty Climbing Rope Materials

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar & Leash

blazin led leash and collar

Blazin’ makes THE best LED dog collars and leashes on the market. I have tried a variety of different products and was disappointed by either the brightness (or lack thereof) and the quality. Once I came across Blazin’ I was sold for life. These collars and leashes are bright, easy to charge, and available in a huge range of colors.

I have used both of these for my Black Staffy for the past 6 years, and absolutely love them. She is so hard to see in the dark, but with the Blazin’ products I never have to worry about her being seen during our late night, and early morning walks. Highly recommended for your dog’s safety.


  • Visible bright lights of up to 350 yards
  • Easy USB charging from any device
  • 3 light settings of contant, strobe, and blink
  • Top quality durable materials
  • Evenly lit large bulbs strips

Fashion & Cool Heavy Duty Reflective Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

shock absorbing leash

Fashion & Cool brings you one of the top rated heavy duty leashes on the market. This incredibly durable, shock absorbing leash is ideal for dogs that pull on occasion. The reflective strips, padded handle, and swivel zinc alloy carabiner make sure all your walks are safe and comfortable.


  • Shock absorbing leash
  • Reflective strips
  • Swivel zinc alloy carabiner
  • padded handle

Carhartt Tradesman Dog Leash

carhartt tradesman dog leash

Nothing says quality like Carhartt, and the Tradesman dog leash brings you what you would expect from the brand. A tough nylon webbing with duck canvas weave provides you with that Carhartt toughness and safety. The reflective triple needle stitch helps you and your pet stay safe at night. Available in a range of colors.


  • Nylon webbing and duck canvas weave
  • Reflective triple needle stitch
  • Heavy duty metal clasp

AUROTH Heavy Duty Bungee Dog Leash

auroth dog leash

Auroth is a top quality brand that always has your dogs safety and comfort in mind. This heavy duty bungee dog leash comes with shock absorbing bungee, reflective materials, and top quality sturdy fabric. It also comes with a built in seat belt function to keep your dog safe while driving.


  • Shock absorbing bungee leash
  • Seat belt compatible function
  • Reflective materials
  • Top quality fabrics

Joytale Reflective Dog Leash

joytale dog leash

When it comes to safe and affordable leash solutions, Joytale is the best in the game. These heavy duty reflective dog leashes come equipped with soft grip comfort handles, and a swivel metal clasp to avoid tangles. Available in a TON of colors and sizes.


  • Heavy Duty material
  • Reflective stitching
  • Soft comfort grip
  • Huge variety of colors

Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash

paw lifestyles dog leash

The Paw Lifestyles heavy duty dog leash comes in with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, and for good reason. This heavy duty dog leash has a dual padded handle for extra control and comfort. Luminous reflective threading is built in to keep you and your dog safe at night. All at a very affordable price with a 100% money back guarantee!


  • Heavy Duty material
  • Dual padded handle
  • Luminous reflective threading
  • Money back guarantee

The 7 Best Dog Harnesses For Bully Breeds – Frenchies to Pitbulls

Harnesses for any dog should provide a level of comfort and security that allows your dog to safely walk at any time of day. When it comes to the stronger Bully breeds this is especially true. Harnesses with broad, padded chest and armpit surfaces distributed pressure a lot more evenly and comfortably.

Having the option of both a front clip and back clip to attach a leash is always a great feature to look for. This allows flexibility to switch between both when your training your dog not to pull.

These are some of the best dog harnesses for Bully breeds on the market. Top rated, high quality, and more importantly safe and comfortable for your Pibble.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness

rabbitgoo dog harness

Rabbitgoo is a leader in the dog harness industry. With over 81k ratings at 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, you can’t go wrong with the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness. This no-pull no-choke harness comes with a large comfortable padded chest, reducing pressure across your dogs body.

Available in over 10 colors and 4 sizes, there is a Rabbitgoo Dog Harness just right for your dog.


  • No-pull No choke fit
  • Large breathable padded chest
  • Fully adjustable
  • Front and back clip

Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness

auroth dog harness

Auroth is a brand you can trust to make the best tactical dog harnesses. These extra comfortable and adjustable dog harnesses come with dual clips on the front and back, and reflective fluorescent line. The large surface pads keep pressure distributed evenly across your dog’s body, and allows for maximum control.

Available in more than 10 colors, and sizes, this top rated dog harness is perfect for Frenchies to Pitbulls. It also comes with a convenient Molle System that allows you to attach custom patches, and attach water bottles, food bowls, or toys. Get yourself a custom patch over at Dog Line Group


  • Large padded chest
  • Front and back clip
  • Molle system loops for gear and custom patches

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

icefang dog harness

Icefang makes one tough tactical dog harness that keeps your dog safe and comfortable. This heavy duty adjustable harness is made for control and comfort. With the Molle System adjustable hooks and loops, you can attach extra gear and toys for your dog to carry, and get them their own custom patches.

Available in 4 sizes to fit your Frenchie or Pitbull, and 6 great colors from Safety Orange to Wolf Grey to Black. Icefang dog harnesses are top quality at amazing prices.


  • Large padded chest
  • Heavy duty adjustable straps
  • Molle system adjustable hooks and loops

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

yoyager dog harness

The Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is an ultra comfortable, all weather mesh harness for dogs big and small. The large breathable mesh padding provides optimal comfort for any dog, and with the reflective band you can be sure to be safe at night.

Don’t let the soft,comfortable harness fool you, it is also ultra tough with velcro closures and a heavy duty metal D-ring. Built to last and available in 5 sizes, and more colors than I can count. The perfect fit and style is available for your Pibble.


  • Soft, breathable mesh padding
  • Reflective bands for night walks
  • Velcro closures and heavy duty mental D-ring

WALKTOFINE Dog Harness No Pull Reflective

walktofine dog harness

WALKTOFINE makes products that keep your dog looking great, and ultra safe. These top quality dog harnesses provide easy adjustable straps with large comfortable padded chests. These harnesses have super bright reflective strips to keep you safe at night.

Available in 9 colors and sizes to fit Frenchies and Big Pitbulls. One of the most affordable dog harnesses on the market, with top notch quality.


  • Large padded chest
  • Reflective strips for night walks
  • Easy adjustable straps

OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness Vest

onetigris dog harness

OneTigris has some of the most innovative, high quality, and badass looking dog harness vest available today. These easy adjustable super tough tactical dog harnesses come with comfortable, and breathable mesh padding to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

The unique bungee design of hoop and loops allow for easy attachment, and spaces for your dogs’ own custom patches. From small to XL breeds, the One Tigris harness is a fantastic product at an even better price.


  • Large breathable mesh padding
  • Bungee design hoop and loops system
  • Ultra durable

RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness

ruffwear dog harness

Ruffwear build performance dog gear for outdoor adventures, and their front range dog harness is built to last. These ultra durable, easy adjusting, ultra comfort dog harnesses come with amazing padded comfort and reflective trim. Keeping your dog safe and comfortable any time of day.

Available in over a dozen colors, and sizes xx-small to XL. Ruffwear is a brand you can trust for you Pibbles big and small.


  • Large soft padded chest
  • Ultra durable
  • Easy adjustable straps
  • Reflective trim for night walks

The 7 Best Dog Collars For Bully Breeds – Frenchies to Pitbulls

Dog collars are not my preferred tool when it comes to walk a dog. Collars can be unsafe, and even dangerous if not used correctly. For strong Bully breed dogs you need to ensure you have a collar that will distribute pressure wide and even.

A collar that is at least 1.5″ wide is recommended if you are choose to use a collar as the tool for walking. Thin collars can break easier, and cause discomfort and even injury to a dog that pulls or jerks to fast and hard.

With that in mind I have put together a list of the 7 best dog collars for Bully breeds. Strong, comfortable, and fashionable dog collars that will help protect your dog, keep them safe, and have them looking great.

OneTigris Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

onetigris tactical dog collar

OneTigris makes some of the best dog gear on the planet. The OneTigris Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar provides safety, comfort, and style all in one. Their soft padded design comes with reflective striping and a 2” wide collar to offer maximum comfort and safety.

Available in 3 sizes and colors, and space for a custom Velcro patch. OneTigiris is the quality you need at a price you can afford.


  • Adjustable double prong buckle
  • Breathable mesh inside padding
  • 2″ wide collar
  • Custom patch space

Bestia “Classic Padded Leather Dog Collar

bestia dog collar

Bestia makes some of the absolute best dog collars for dogs on the market. The Bestia “Classic” is made with your dog’s comfort in mind. These 2” wide collars are safe, and comfortable for your Pibble, and made from 100% genuine leather.

Built tough for comfort, the Bestia Classic” comes in a range of sizes in both Black & Tan colors.


  • Genuine leather
  • Comfortable inside padding
  • 2″ wide collar

Bestia Genuine Leather Dog Collar with Studs

bestia studded dog collar

When you are looking to give your Pibble that extra bit of flare, without sacrificing quality and comfort, Bestia Studded dog collar is the way to go. The soft padded interior and genuine leather pairs strength and comfort into a beautiful designed collar.

Available in 5 sizes and colors in white, red and brown. Bestia Studded leather collars are the last collar you will ever need to buy.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Comfortable inside padding
  • 2″ wide collar
  • Beautiful studded exterior design

Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Dog Collar

elite spanker collar

The folks over at Excellent Elite are so confident in their Spanker Tactical Dog Collar that they offer a 100% quality warranty. The Excellent Elite Spanker collar is built ultra tough 1000D nylon material, with ultra comfort padding and extra control handles.

Available in 3 adjustable sizes, and 4 colors. The Elite Spanker is has the function and fashion perfect for your Pibbles.


  • Durable 1000D Nylon materials
  • Ultra comfort padding inside
  • Heavy duty extra control handle
  • 1.5″ width collar

TSPRO Nylon Tactical Dog Collar

tspro dog collar

When it comes to simple, durable, reliable dog collars, TSPRO is the way to go. There is nothing fancy about the simple design, and tough dog collar. The soft padded lining, and heavy duty material is 100% guaranteed quality, or your money back within 90 days from TSPRO. 

Available in 3 sizes and colors at a super affordable price.


  • Tough yet comfortable nylon material
  • Soft padded inside
  • Heavy duty adjustable buckle
  • 1.5″ width collar

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

onetigris military collar

One Tigris’ simple and straightforward Military adjustable dog collar is both ultra strong, and ultra comfortable. The built in super comfortable padding, 1.7” width, and 5 adjustable points make the One Tigris Military Collar perfect for your Pibble.

Available in Medium and Large sizes with 5 different color options.


  • Tough yet comfortable thick nylon
  • Soft padded inside
  • Heavy duty 5 adjustable points
  • 1.7″ width collar

Yunleparks Highly Reflective Tactical Dog Collar

yunleparks dog collar

Comfort, Safety and control are all what makes the Yunleparks Tactical dog collar one of the best on the market. The 1.5” width, padded reflective collar will give your dog the comfort and safety they deserve. With the built in handle you can have that extra layer of control, you may need at times.

 Available in 6 different colors and 3 sizes, your Pibble can have that stylish look, at an affordable price.


  • Tough yet comfortable 1000D military nylon
  • Soft padded inside
  • Reflective strips
  • 1.5″ width collar
  • Durable handle for extra control