Why Does My American Bully Snore? 9 Things To Know

American Bully puppy chester sleeping on balcony

When I first brought home my American Bully puppy I couldn’t believe how much he snored the first couple weeks. For a 12 week old puppy I was actually impressed with how loud he could snore. I also grew a little concerned with his snoring level and decided to investigate and rule out anything potentially wrong with my American Bully.

Why does my American Bully snore? As a general rule snoring is a natural occurrence in most dogs. Loud and excessive snoring however can be a sign of something wrong with your American Bully. Allergies, obesity, anatomy, and various illnesses can cause snoring to an excessive degree.

I went through the list of potential causes of my American Bully’s snoring. Thankfully there were no serious issues and the cause was a combination of generally being overtired and the way he was sleeping. The excitement of being in a new home with my Staffy left him wiped after playtime, and sleeping without a good head rest caused his loud snoring.

In the process of this investigation, and consultation with my veterinarian, I was able to gather a great deal of information. Altogether I was able to cross off all of the major health related causes of my American Bully’s snoring. If your American Bully is snoring a lot these could be some of the causes that you should rule out.


Allergens such as dust, pollen, grass, second hand smoke and others can cause breathing issues for your American Bully. Allergic reactions to a variety of household and environmental allergies can cause heavy or labored breathing for your dog resulting in snoring.

Thankfully there are many easily available treatments and medications available to help your American Bully that may be suffering from allergies. In some cases simply changing the air filter in your home, or removing the allergen altogether can make a huge difference.


american bully outside in snow

American Bullies that become overweight will have more difficulty breathing than dogs of a healthy weight. Much like humans, dogs that become overweight will breathe heavier, even when at rest. The extra fat can collect in your dog’s throat and partially block their airway, resulting in heavy snoring.

Monitor your American Bully’s weight and keep them in a healthy range. Not only will losing the excess weight help with your dog’s snoring problem, but it will avoid other problems with their heart, joints, and general health.


Dogs can get colds just like us humans. Though the cold virus we humans get differs from the ones dogs catch, the symptoms are often the same. Runny nose, congestion, sneezing, and general aches and pains can all be present in an American Bully with a cold.

These symptoms can lead to congested breathing resulting in loud snoring. Much like us humans, dogs will need some rest, plenty of fluids, and time to recover and fight off the infection. Things like humidifiers can help ease some symptoms. Just keep your American Bully comfortable and well rested.


Anatomy can play a major role in your dog’s breathing. American Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and some can be more on the brachycephalic side of things. American Bullies with shorter, pushed in facial features can have an elongated palate which leads to blocked airways and heavy breathing.

Most American Bullies do not have these facial features, but many can, especially in the micro, exotic, and pocket bully size categories. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done with dogs that have more brachycephalic features. Snoring is a part of their life. 

Consult with your vet for any potential surgical procedures that may help reduce their breathing troubles.

Physical Obstruction

american bully chester chewing and biting benebone

We all know that dogs love putting things in their mouths. Occasionally little pieces of things can get stuck in their airways. Thus causing breathing obstructions. Small pieces of toys, tennis balls, mulch, sticks, and who knows what can find their way into your American Bullies airway.

If your American Bully has only recently begun to snore a lot this might be something to check out. The possibility of a small piece of something causing a physical obstruction in their airway needs to be dealt with right away. Call your vet if you suspect your American Bully has inhaled something causing their recent breathing problems.

Fungal Disease

American Bullies with a weak or compromised immune system can be especially prone to fungal diseases. Specifically Aspergillosis, which is an allergic response, infection, or growth of Aspergillosis fungus in your dog’s airway. 

This type of mold lives on all sorts of decay matter such as dead leaves, compost, and other types of vegetation that your American Bully might sniff. Most dogs have a robust immune system and protections in place to fight off these mold spores. 

If your American Bully is however immune compromised this can lead to lung infections, growths, and allergic reactions causing excessive snoring. Among many other symptoms related to breathing.

Dental Issues

American Bullies with bad teeth or just a single bad tooth can lead to abscesses. These abscesses will create a blockage in your dog’s airways and result in heavier, more labored breathing. Check your American Bully’s teeth regularly to prevent dental issues leading to snoring.

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Painkillers and muscle relaxants can lead to more snoring in dogs. The relaxation and medicated sedation of certain medications can cause muscles in the airway to become extremely relaxed and partially block airways.

Talk to your vet about possible side effects of any medications. Know what to expect and anticipate when it comes to your dogs snoring.

Sleeping Position & Environment

American Bully puppy Chester sleeping in crate

Sleeping position can influence your American Bully’s breathing pattern and snoring quiet a bit. This was the case with my American Bully puppy. The bed I initially bought for him didn’t have the side bolsters for him to rest his head and this led him to sleep on his back in a funny position some nights.

Once I got him a bolstered side bed the snoring was drastically reduced. Other causes could be too small of a bed that doesn’t allow your American Bully to stretch out as much as they want. A large round bed and a proper sized crate can make all the difference.

Dry air in some climates can create some excessive snoring. Simply getting an air humidifier in the room with your American Bully can help reduce snoring and their level of comfort. Air that is less dry will be more comfortable on your dog’s throat and airways.

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Final Thoughts

When your American Bully has recently begun snoring a lot it is always best to rule out potential health problems. A sudden onset of heavy breathing and snoring are usually signs of allergies, obstructions, infections, or other health related issues. Contact your vet if your American Bully’s snoring is abrupt and persists for more than a few days.

Working alongside your vet you can rule out many of the above mentioned ailments. Many of these are easy to identify and treat and get your American Bully back to a normal level of snoring. In some cases all it might take is a more comfortable bed, and a humidifier.

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