Why Do Pit Bulls Like To Sleep Under Blankets? – 10 Facts

Chances are if you are a Pit Bull owner you have seen them burrow under some blankets. My Staffy loves to sleep under blankets, and watching her burrow is one of the most adorable things you can witness.

Why do Pit Bulls like to sleep under blankets? There are several reasons. Everything from instinctual behavior as a den animal, to warmth, safety, security, cuddling with their owner, or some peace and quiet. Pit Bulls like to sleep under blankets for many of the reasons we as humans do.

I first observed this behavior in my little Pit Bull from the time she was a puppy. I too wondered why she likes to sleep and just generally be under blankets. Over the years I noticed it was for a variety of scenarios. Here are some of the reasons that Pit Bulls like to sleep under blankets.

Pit Bulls Have Denning Instincts

american pit bull terrier under blanket

Dogs are natural denning animals from their ancestral roots as wild dogs. The instinct to sleep under blankets most likely stems from the fact that dogs were often born in dens. Small, confined, and safe place for the Mother to give birth.

Terrier types that have the “ratting” instinct to burrow for small prey are particularly known to like being under blankets. The Pit Bull Terrier sharing that terrier instinct is a big reason that Pit Bulls more than some other breeds like to burrow in blankets.

Pit Bulls Want To Keep Warm Under Blankets

Pit Bulls do not handle the cold very well because of their short fine coat, and lean physique. The need to keep warm is another reason that Pit Bulls like to sleep under blankets. It provides a nice warm and cozy place away from a breeze or cold house.

My Staffy lives under the blankets in the winter where I live. I keep the house at a normal temperature, but even a quick potty break outside will send her dashing for her blankets when we come back in. She loves to use blankets to stay warm.

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Pit Bulls Want To Cuddle With Their Owners

Dogs are pack animals, and love to be close to members of their pack. This is why dogs will often sleep in adorable little piles when they are puppies, and even adults. I call these Pibble Piles. 

A Pit Bull will treat their owners as a member of their pack, and wanting to cuddle under the blankets is a sign of affection. If you are curled up on the couch, or in bed, there is a good chance your Pit Bull will want to be right there with you.

ruby and chester in front of mural

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Pit Bulls Use Blankets As Stress And Anxiety Relief

pitbull sleeping under blankets

Blankets can provide Pit Bulls with some stress and anxiety relief. Similar to reasons they like to sleep with their littermates as puppies, a blanket can provide warmth and comfort. Sleeping under a blanket can give a Pit Bull that feeling of swaddling that human babies enjoy and find soothing.

A Pit Bull under the blankets is often a great refuge for a mildly anxious or stressed dog. When you notice their anxiety is beyond mild consult your vet, or consider something like a natural calming supplement.


Pit Bulls Feel Safe And Protected Sleeping Under Blankets

The same reason a dog will like to sleep in their crate is the same reason a Pit Bull likes to sleep under blankets. Safety and security. The natural denning instinct I mentioned earlier makes them prefer a safe, cozy, and enclosed space.

Sleeping under blankets is one of the ways Pit Bulls can feel safe and fall asleep peaceful. It is very similar to humans really. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty vulnerable at night if I sleep without a blanket. And I am a grown ass man.

Pit Bulls Just Want Some Quiet Time To Sleep Under Blankets

Sometimes a dog just needs to get away from it all. Just like us humans. A Pitbull finding a nice blanket to crawl under might be just looking for some peace and quiet. 

Dogs sleep throughout the day, and have sensitive ears when it comes to sound. The daytime noise can make it hard to have a snooze, and that is another reason Pit Bulls like to sleep under blankets. It dampens the sounds in their environment and lets them take a break from the world for a little while.

Pit Bulls Sleep Under Blankets To Keep Out The Light

pitbull under a blanket

As I just mentioned when it comes to noise with a Pit Bull, light can be just as annoying. Sleeping during the day when it’s light outside can be hard. Pit Bulls will oftentimes sleep under blankets just to block out the light.

I read every night either in bed or on the couch. When my Staffy is ready to call it a night she will crawl under some blankets just to get away from my reading lamp. A good blanket provides some great shelter from pesky lights.

Do Dogs Like Being Wrapped In Blankets?

Under the right circumstances dogs do like being wrapped in blankets. This of course is if they are willing. When your dog looks cold, tired, or generally seeking some added comfort, a good wrap in blankets is welcomed.

Of course don’t ever wrap an unwilling dog in a blanket, and never wrap them so tight that they can’t escape easily on their own. I feel this should go without saying, but some people are kinda dumb.

I wrap my Staffy in her blanket all the time. Especially in the winter when we come back inside from a potty break. The Pibble Burrito is what I call it. My dog loves being wrapped up gently in her blanket, and oftentimes will settle right down into a snooze within a minute.

ruby sleeping under a blanket

Do Dogs Need A Blanket At Night?

Generally I would say that dogs need a blanket at night. Even if they choose not to use the blanket, it is always better to keep one for them to use if they feel cold, or need that feeling of security.

When it comes to colder climates, and perhaps colder household temperatures, Pit Bulls definitely need a blanket at night to stay warm. Pit Bulls do not tolerate cold well. Giving your Pit Bull a blanket to sleep under will keep them warm and cozy all night.

Some dogs tolerate the cold better than others. Things like age, health, weight, and breed all play into their tolerance. A Pit Bull is one of those breeds that should always have the option of a blanket at night, just in case they need one.

Can A Dog Overheat Under Blankets?

Much like humans, blankets can sometimes make us uncomfortably hot. Even to the point where we feel like we are overheating. The same applies to a dog under blankets, they too can get uncomfortably hot.

Dogs are able to self regulate their body temperature however, and if they can freely move under the blankets, they can get out of the blankets if they are too hot. There is no worry of a dog overheating under blankets if they can move.

My Staffy does this all the time. When we head to bed, she crawls under her blanket. If it is a warm night, she will crawl out from under the blanket and sprawl out on top of it. She manages her own comfort level just fine, without any intervention from me.

Will A Dog Suffocate Under Covers?

Similar to overheating, a dog won’t suffocate under the covers if they are able to move under the covers. A big thick blanket that inhibits their movement may create problems with oxygen. 

It is not recommended you use things like weighted blankets on your dog. Especially smaller breeds that will struggle to move under the weight.

A normal blanket or covers that a dog can freely move in are just fine though. When a dog feels like they can’t breath as well as they would like, they simply adjust. Whether that is creating a bigger breathing space to sleep under the covers, or getting out from under the covers.

pit bull sleepy

Best Blankets For Pit Bulls To Sleep Under

When it comes to blankets to sleep under your dog is not going to be picky. They like to sleep under all sorts of blankets. There are however some better blanket choices you can make as an owner to keep your Pit Bulls safe and cozy.

Blankets made specifically for dogs are cute and all, but what you should really be looking at is the material and texture. Blankets that will have large knits can easily catch a nail, or tooth and injury your dog. Not to mention a knit blanket is far easier to destroy and eat.

I have gone through a handful of blankets with my Staffy and find the fleece and microfiber fabrics work the best. They are warm, durable, and super soft. Best of all there are no strings from frayed ends that my dog can get at, and possibly get sick from ingesting.

These are some of the best blankets for Pit Bulls to sleep under, on, or some combination of both.

PetFusion Premium Dog Blanket

petfusion dog blanket

This ultra soft and cozy dog blanket is made from 100% polyester micro plush, and comes in 4 sizes to fit your Pit Bulls needs. Premium quality blanket with a double layer and reversible dark and light tone. Easy to wash in the machine, and perfect for Pit Bulls looking for a snooze.

Petmaker Waterproof Dog Blanket

petmaker dog blanket

The waterproof dog blanket from Petmaker will protect your furniture and keep your Pit Bull comfortable and cozy. The super soft reversible plush and sherpa material is machine washable, and ultra comfortable. Sure to be a hit with your Pit Bull

Comsmart Warm Paw Print Dog Blankets

What’s better than a nice warm fleece blanket? Six warm fleece blankets. Comsmart makes a great 6 pack of machine washable soft fleece blankets, at a price you can’t beat. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet your Pit Bulls blanket needs.

comsmart dog blankets


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