What Is The Best Collar For A Staffy? 7 Tips + Picks

staffy wearing collar

Choosing the best collar for a Staffy can seem like a daunting task. There are thousands of collars on the market today. So how do you choose which collar is best for your Staffy? I have gone through this question myself with my Staffy, and discovered some of the best collar options.

What is the best collar for a Staffy? There are several factors to examine. Safety, durability, and use case are the top considerations. Collars made of tough nylon or leather materials, that are reflective, fit properly, and are suited for the intended use are the best collars for a Staffy.

I have looked at hundreds of collars in the lifetime of my Staffy. In doing so I have come across some of the best collars for a Staffy. This post will cover some of the basic things you will need to know before selecting a collar for your Staffy. Keeping your Staffy safe, comfortable, and secure without breaking the bank is my goal. 

Let’s dig into a few tips and some of my top picks for best Staffy collars.

Choosing The Right Collar For Your Staffy

staffy thick dog collar

Selecting the best collar for your Staffy comes down to these 7 factors. You want to ensure the collar you choose for your Staffy is safe, durable, and fits correctly.


Safety should be the top priority when selecting the best collar for your Staffy. Choosing a collar that will stay secure, provide some visibility at night, and not hurt or injure your dog if they pull or suddenly yank while on leash.


Staffies are strong little dogs, and their collar should be even stronger. Finding the best collar for your Staffy should include tough materials such as nylon and leather. Metal D-rings for leash attachments, and extra strong clips are also necessary for the longevity of your collar and your Staffy’s safety.


What are your intended uses for your Staffy’s collar? Training, sport, and general walks can all have various styles of collar. Determine what the primary activity you will be using your collar for to make the best choice for your Staffy.

Training collars like martingales are great for training, but not ideal for things like watersports, agility, or kicking around the home. Waterproof collars are great for the beach, but not for training. Determine the use and select the correct type of collar.


Sizing for your Staffy’s collar is crucial to their safety. A collar at the incorrect length can pose a risk of your Staffy slipping from their collar, or injuring themselves from a collar that is too tight. The general rule for a proper fitting collar is your ability to fit two fingers between the collar and your Staffy’s neck.

Martingale collars should apply very close to the same rule. When pulled tight the martingale should have between one and two fingers worth of room. The purpose of the martingale is to tighten around the neck of your dog, but not too much that it chokes, and not too little to become ineffective.


Using the proper width of collar is important for a Staffy, especially the strong pullers. Thin collars can hurt or injure your Staffy both in the short term, as well as a result of long term use. Thick collars distribute pressure on your Staffy’s neck to a broader area and prevent possible neck and throat injury. Collars that are 1.5” or thick are recommended.


You want to make sure your Staffy has a good durable collar that is thick enough and large enough to fit securely. Be mindful however of the weight. A big heavy collar can be uncomfortable for your dog. Don’t weigh your Staffy down with a heavy collar, find something they can easily wear safely and comfortably.

ID Tags

Evert collar should come equipped with a dog tag clip. Whether that is a strong metal D-ring for leash attachments, or a separate hook for dog tags. Always ensure your Staffy is wearing their ID tags when they are out of the house.

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What Is The Best Collar For A Staffy?

There are some really great collars on the market. The following collars were selected based on the quality, function, and affordability. In my opinion these are the best collars for a Staffy money can buy.

Best Light Up Collar For A Staffy

Key Features:

  • Visibility from up to 350 yards
  • 3 setting of constant, blink, and strobe
  • Long battery life and easy charging
  • Water Resistant

Key Features:

  • High visibility flat optical fibers
  • 3 setting of constant, flash, and fast flash
  • Long battery life and easy charging
  • Waterproof and rust proof

Best Reflective Collar For A Staffy

Key Features:

  • High quality material 1000D military nylon
  • Double reflective threads
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable padded lining

Best Durable Collar For A Staffy

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty nylon material
  • Metal quick release buckle
  • Strong metal D-Ring
  • 100% Quality Warranty

Key Features:

  • Double-layered nylon webbing
  • High-quality quick-release metal buckle
  • Large D-Ring for quick and easy leash attachment
  • Choice of three different widths (0.5″, 1″ and 1.5″ wide)

Best Military Collar For A Staffy

Key Features:

  • Thick nylon strap with thick soft cushion padded inner lining
  • Heavy duty metal D ring 
  • Metal buckle with 5 adjustable points
  • Hook & loop panel for you to add a unique name patch

Key Features:

  • High quality and durable nylon material
  • Soft padded lining
  • Double pin buckle with 5 adjustable points
  • 100% Quality Warranty

Best Training Collar For A Staffy

Key Features

  • Pull tested to over 800 pounds
  • Durable polyester and sturdy steel D-rings
  • UV and stain resistant
  • Large variety of stylish options

Key Features:

  • 2 inch ultra heavy duty BDS Collar
  • Machine washable
  • Soft padded lining
  • Ideal for training strong breeds

Best Leather Collar For A Staffy

Key Features:

  • Made with full grain genuine leather
  • Sheepskin padding on the inner side
  • Buckle and d-ring are made with surgical grade stainless steel
  • Built in Dog Tag ring next to the buckle

Key Features:

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Padded lining
  • 2 inch wide collar
  • High quality craftsmanship

Best Waterproof Collar For A Staffy

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Highly reflective strip
  • Anti-odor
  • Strong Buckle D Ring supports pull of 600 lbs

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Can withstand over 750 lbs of max force tension
  • High visibility reflective cloth stripe
  • 100% Money back guarantee 

What Size Collar Does A Staffy Need? Puppy To Adult

Typically the average adult Staffy will need a collar between 14 to 20 inches or 36cm to 51cm. Each dog will vary depending on gender and genetics, but medium or large size collars should fit your Staffy. Use a fabric tape measure to get an accurate measurement of your dog.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies grow fast so getting a collar with a decent size adjustment range is advisable. Typically a small collar size between 10 to 14 inches or 25cm to 36cm will fit your puppy, but always take a measurement before purchasing.

Should Staffies Wear Collars?

There are a few things to consider when deciding if Staffies should wear collars. Some Staffies are big pullers and collars can be tough on their necks. For Staffies that have good leash manners, collars are a perfectly fine option. Staffies should always wear ID tags when outside the home, whether on a collar or harness.

Training collars such as martingales can be a great option for Staffies. These collars can assist with training for leash manners and provide an added layer of security. Because the martingale will tighten when pulled, but not act as a choke chain, they can ensure your Staffy won’t pull out from their collar while out on walks.

If you are struggling with your Staffy pulling on lead I have written an in depth article covering this exact subject. 

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Is A Harness Or Collar Better For A Staffy?

two staffy dogs on leash

There are a couple factors to consider when deciding between a collar or a harness for your Staffy. A Staffy that has a tendency to pull on lead would be best suited for a harness to take pressure off their necks. For some wearing a harness may prove more difficult to train leash manners as it can promote pulling more.

I personally started my Staffy on a collar when she was a puppy and young adult. After some time I decided to try a harness because she would occasionally pull hard when she got excited to meet other people or dogs. Her leash manners were otherwise perfect so getting a harness allowed for some added security without additional urges to pull.

In the end deciding between a collar and a harness is a personal one that you must make to best suit your Staffy. Try both and see what works best for your situation and provides your Staffy with the most safety and comfort.


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