What Do American Bullies Like To Do? 11 Playful Bully Tips

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Before bringing my American Bully puppy home I only had ever owned a Staffy. Though they are both Bully breed dogs they are different in a number of ways. Learning what my American Bully liked to do was a matter of trial and error, but within a short period of time it was very clear.

What do American Bullies like to do? There are a variety of physical and mental activities that will stimulate and keep your American Bully happy. Though each dog is different, walks, hikes, food puzzles, playing games and trick training are just a few of the activities American Bullies like to do.

Discovering what my American Bully liked to do for fun and stimulation only took a few weeks. Through experimenting with different activities I was able to find what he liked, and things he was less interested in doing. 

In this post I will cover some of the things your American Bully might like to do to keep them healthy, happy, and calm. Let’s dig in.

Are American BullIes Playful?

As a whole American Bullies are a very playful breed of dog. They are incredible family companions that love to interact and please their owners. American Bullies are always looking for a chance to play and be near their humans.

My American Bully is one of the most playful dogs I have ever met. Everything is a game for my Pocket American Bully puppy. He is constantly looking to me for either something fun to do, or some love and affection. Always at my side, and always entertaining me with his playful zest for life.

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What Do American Bullies Like To Do? Keeping A Bully Happy

Each dog is different and will take to certain activities more than others. Generally however American Bullies enjoy a similar range of activities. They are an athletic looking dog, with a muscular structure that is well suited for some activities while other activities should be avoided.

These are some of the American Bullies favorite things to do. Mixing in some or all of these activities is the best way to keep your American Bully happy and stimulated each and every day.


american bully sunshine

One of the best and simplest things you can do with your American Bully is go for a nice walk. American Bullies love to go for walks, and they are incredibly beneficial when it comes to keeping your dog happy, healthy, and well behaved.

Walking with your American Bully is an excellent way to further establish and solidify your bond as a leader and companion. This simple exercise allows you and your dog to spend good quality time together exercising, working on basic training, and exploring the environment together.

My American Bully LOVES his walks. Though I don’t walk as briskly with him as I do with my Staffy, he still thoroughly enjoys going for a good trot every morning and evening. We work on his leash manners, wait commands, socialization skills, and do some nose exploration for mental stimulation.


Going for a hike with your American Bully is another thing they like to do. Hikes are a great way to tone muscles and keep your American Bully active. Depending on the size of your American Bully however you want to avoid challenging terrain. Uneven ground and steep inclines could pose risks of injury.

I have taken my American Bully on a few short hikes so far. We stick to fairly even ground and don’t veer off the path too far. What is great about hikes is the sights and smells. My American Bully loves to explore the trail and roam with more freedom than our normal walks.

Hikes are just as good for mental stimulation as they are for physical exercise. If your American Bully has good recall allowing them off leash to explore can provide them with a highly stimulating experience.


american bully goes for swim wearing life jacket and googles

Believe it or not, some American Bullies are excellent swimmers. Though the American Bully is not physically built to be an ideal swimming dog, some take to the water very enthusiastically. With the proper safety precautions in place, taking your American Bully to a swimming spot can be amazing fun.

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Playing WIth Friends

american bullies playing

As much as American Bullies love spending time with their human family, playtime with friends is one of their favorite things to do. My American Bully has a few neighborhood friends that he absolutely loves to play with when we cross paths.

Arranging playdates and social time with other dogs that your American Bully gets along with is great physical and mental exercise. Learning how to play, chase, and interact with other dogs is a cornerstone of a well balanced American Bully dog.

Weight Pulling

One of the activities American Bullies are best known for is weight pulling. Weight pulling is a sport where a dog is fitted with a special harness and pulls a weighted rolling cart filled with heavy blocks. 

This sport is perfect for the muscular, low stature build of the American Bully. Weight pulling is not only terrific exercise, but a great way to develop a bond with your dog through sport. Training with your American Bully to safely and successfully compete in weight pulling is something they will love to do.

My American Bully is still too young to begin in this sport. It is recommended that you don’t introduce this activity until your dog has fully matured and their bones and muscle structure has fully formed.

I do however plan to participate in this sport with my American Bully once he is of age. In the interim we are starting to introduce the concept to him as a way to practice and have fun. Currently we only use an empty backpack at the end of a leash and practice his recall commands.

This gets him used to the idea of pulling something behind him, and coming to me on command. We both enjoy this activity and I can’t wait to see how he does when the time comes for some actually weighted carts.


My American Bully loves to play fetch. This game provides great physical exercise, but can also incorporate a good deal of mental exercise when played correctly. Working on basic training commands such as “wait” “drop” and “come” can all be worked into this game.

Play fetch safely with your American Bully. Don’t push them too hard for too long. Some dogs have no off switch when hyper focused on certain games. Monitor their breathing, the temperature outside, and take breaks regularly.

Flirt Poles

Flirt poles are a fun and interactive chase game that American Bullies love to do. This game allows your American Bully to build their coordination skills as you move the lure in all different directions.

Both a good physical and mental exercise, flirt poles are a must have for any American Bully owner. Flirt poles are relatively inexpensive and can be rigged up with your dogs favorite toys to keep the game that much more interesting.

flirt pole

Tug Of War

american bully chester chews and bits rope

Teaching my American Bully how to properly play tug-of-war has been one of his favorite things to do. He loves to play tug, and the strength he has even at the young age of 9 months also gives me a good work out.

Tug is a fun and interactive game that you can play with your American Bully for physical and mental exercise. Playing the game and using training commands such as “okay get it” and “release” or “Drop” adds the extra layer of challenge, obedience and fun to the game.

Always play tug of war with your American Bully on your terms. Make sure they understand this is a game and that you can end the activity at any time. It is important to practice the “Release” command and have your dog release the tug toy without hesitation.

Food Puzzles And Chews

Food puzzles and chews are one of the best hands off activities my American Bully likes to do. Things like Kongs and Outward Hound food puzzles provide my American Bully with a challenging and rewarding mental game.

Good chew toys are also great activities for your dog. American Bullies love to chew, and finding them a tough, durable, and stimulating chew toy is important. Chews give your American Bully an activity to do on their own and keep them from getting into things they shouldn’t chew.

I have a wide range of chew toys for my American Bully. All different types of shapes, textures, and tastes to keep him interested and engaged.

outward hound food puzzle

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Search & Seek Games

Nose work games provide great enrichment for your American Bully. If you have an American Bully that is even half as food motivated as mine, then they will love search and seek games.

Hiding treats around the home or yard and playing a game of search is great mental stimulation for your dog. I do this with my American Bully and am trying to add an extra layer of challenge by adding in “hot” and “cold” commands. Just like the game you play as a kid.

Cuddle Your American Bully

American Bully puppy Chester sleeping on my lap

American Bullies are one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever met. One of the things they like to do most is cuddle. My 65 lbs American Bully puppy thinks he’s a lap dog and will find any opportunity he can to cuddle up with me.

Spending time on the couch or curled up in bed with your American Bully is a dream come true for them. They love the attention, connection, and bonding opportunity. Not only is this my American Bully’s favorite thing to do, but it’s also mine.

Can You Go Running With An American Bully?

Although American Bullies are athletic, muscular, and fairly agile, they are not well suited for running. The bone structure and build of the American Bully can make running a tough activity on their joints. Not to mention the strenuous nature of running can cause them to exhaust and overheat quickly.

Running should be avoided with your American Bully. Activities mentioned above such as walking and hiking are much better for their bodies and well-being. Running games such as fetch are different in the sense that your American Bully can pace themselves, and is done in short intervals. Never push your dog too hard, or too fast when playing running games.

Final Thoughts

staffy and american bully puppy friends Ruby and Chester

These activities listed are by no means the only activities American Bullies might like to do. As I mentioned, each dog is different and will have their preferences. The list provided above is merely a reliable starting point to help you and your American Bully find what’s best for you both.

Have fun with your dog. Engage them both physically and mentally to keep them happy, stimulated, and engaged. When fun activities are happening on a daily basis with your American Bully the likelihood of destructive behaviors due to boredom and pent up energy drop dramatically.

Take the time every day to do what your American Bully loves to do. Get creative, be safe, and enjoy some time well spent doing what they like to do.


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