The Best Dog Gear & Safety Accessories

Safety and technology has come a long way in recent years with dog gear and accessories. Finding the right gear to keep your dog safe, healthy, and comfortable is an important part of dog ownership. Wading through the various options of products can be daunting. Lucky for you I have compiled the best dog gear and safety accessories available.

These products range from water safety, health and location tracking, to night safety, and crates. I have used many of these products myself. They are all top quality, highly rated dog gear and accessories. You can be sure you are getting the very best products from every area of dog safety and gear.

The Best Dog Life Jackets

Water safety is crucial for any dog. Especially if you own a Bully breed. They are not known as the best swimmers on the planet, but they may take an interest in the water. Ensure you dog is safe at the beach, in the boat, or near the pool with these top quality, highly rated, dog life jackets.

Outward Hound Granby Splash

Outward Hound is a brand leader when it comes to all things dog. The Granby Splash is the top rated product on the dog life jacket market. The Granby Splash is the perfect floatation device for the novice to advanced swimmers, with ripstop material to ensure maximum buoyancy in the water.


  • Sizing based on girth. There’s a size for every dog, from Frenchie to Dogo Argentino.
  • High visibility colors and reflective accents to better keep an eye on your dog
  • Front Float support to help your dog keep their heads above water
  • Adjustable side release buckles to for comfortable support
  • Comfortable belly bands for chest and belly support
  • Durable grab handles on the back for lifting your dog when needed.



Queenmore Grey Shark Dog Life Jacket

More than just a fun and funny life jacket for your dog, the Queenmore Grey Shark Dog Life Jacket provides optimal buoyancy and support. Available in full range of sizes, your dog will be the hit of the beach with their fish and shark fin premium life jacket. Pink and Grey varieties available.


  • Ultrawide neck, belly and chest support to keep your dog afloat
  • Adjustable quick release side buckles to keep a safe, comfortable fit
  • Premium quality material for easy cleaning, drying, and maximum comfort and warmth
  • Durable grab handles to lift your dog when needed.
  • Reflective accents and colors to easily spot your dog.


The Best Reflective and Light-up Dog Gear

Walking your dog at night or in the early morning can pose safety hazards. If you have a black dog like me, this is especially true, as they are nearly impossible to see. Good light up dog gear can help other see your dog from a safe distance and avoid any potential accidents or injuries. These are all products I use myself, and highly recommend.

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar & Leash

Blazin’ makes THE best LED dog collars and leashes on the market. I have tried a variety of different products and was disappointed by either the brightness (or lack thereof) and the quality. Once I came across Blazin’ I was sold for life. These collars and leashes are bright, easy to charge, and available in a huge range of colors.

I have used both of these for my Black Staffy for the past 6 years, and absolutely love them. She is so hard to see in the dark, but with the Blazin’ products I never have to worry about her being seen during our late night, and early morning walks. Highly recommended for your dog’s safety.


  • Visible bright lights of up to 350 yards
  • Easy USB charging from any device
  • 3 light settings of contant, strobe, and blink
  • Top quality durable materials
  • Evenly lit large bulbs strips



Health Trackers & GPS for Dogs

Technology has come a long way. Gone are the days when only humans are able to track their health and use GPS location devices. These products are the cream of the crop when it comes to health and GPS tracking.

FitBark 2

The FitBark is a revolutionary sleep and activity monitor that is an amazing way to track your dog’s health, and keep fit together. The simple, lightweight FitBark gathers valuable, deep, data insights and provides actionable insights to make better decisions with your vet about nutrition, mobility, anxiety, skin conditions and other health issues.


  • Monitor Sleep and Activity 24/7
  • Long lasting battery life – Up to 6 months
  • Link your Fitbit, Apple HealthKit or Google Fit device
  • 3D Accelerometer used by vet schools and research institutions worldwide
  • Monitor mobility, anxiety and skin diseases through changes in behavior and sleep habits
  • Lightweight and waterproof


Tractive GPS

Keep and eye on your dog, and their activity with the Tractive GPS. This durable, lightweight and waterproof device gives you accurate, live tracking of your dogs location. Customize your Tractive by enabling virutal fences to alert if your dog has left the yard, or assigned zone.


  • Worldwide location tracking & activity monitoring
  • LIVE mode – location updates every 2-3 seconds
  • Get notified if your dog wanders a bit too far from home
  • Activity history to monitor your dog’s activity level day to day, week to week.
  • Get wet! 100% waterproof and adventure-proof
  • Long-lasting battery that goes for up to 5 days


The Best Dog Crates & Gates

Keeping your dog safe and comfortable while you are unable to watch them is a priority. Whether crate training or safe guarding a room from your dog, a proper crate and gate setup will come in handy. These are the toughest, easy to assemble and transport crates and gates on the market.

iCrate Dog Crate

The iCrate is the top rated dog crate on Amazon, and for very good reason. iCrate has a top quality, secure, easy to assemble and fold up dog crate that can be adjusted as your puppy grows to an adult. The iCrate divider panels make it easy to adjust the space for your dog, and the easy to use, heavy duty latches will keep them safe and secure.


  • Easy assemble, and portable design
  • Roller wheels to get your floors scratch free
  • Divider panel to adjust the size of your crate as your dog grows
  • Available in 7 different sizes to accomodate any breed of dog
  • Double and Single door options available with heavy duty, easy to use latches.


Diggs Revol Dog Crate

For the more fashion oriented, home decor style of owner, the Diggs Revol Dog Crate is perfect. The sleek and aesthetic design does not sacrifice the easy to use, and safe function features. The Revol Dog Crate is portable, safe, and beautifully crafted. Available in 3 different sizes


  • High quality diamond wire mesh
  • Divider panel to adjust space as your puppy grows
  • Easy to remove and clean floor panel
  • Convenient foldable and portable design
  • 3 easy access doors


Frisco Extra Wide Auto-Close Pet Gate

Frisco has thought of everything when creating their Extra wide auto close pet gate. The adjustable size Frisco pet gate can be easily assembled in any doorway. The pressure mounts ensure easy install, and take down, and the double lock feature let’s you come and go from any direction.


  • Auto Close setting to ensure your pet gate will always close behind you
  • Always open feature to allow you to keep the gate open whenever you want
  • Easy to install extendable pressure mounts for any doorway
  • Double access feature for easy to use doorway from either side
  • Lightweight and durable steel construction


The Best Travel Gear for your Dog

Car travel should be just as safe for your dog as it is for you. Keeping your car or SUV protected from dirt, fur, and soggy dogs is a must for every dog owner. These are the highest rated seat covers and safety gear for your dog.

Active Pets Extra Durable Back Seat Waterproof Cover

Active Pets has created the best back seat cover on the market. This extra durable, waterproof, and scratch proof seat cover will keep your vehicle clean, and damage free. I have one for my car and it is a seat saver for sure! Easy to install, and will fit in any car or SUV. 

Bringing my Staffy back from the beach or mucky walk in the woods can be a mess. Luckily this seat cover keeps my car clean, and my dog comfortable on the ride home. A must have for any dog owner.


  • Comfortable 4 layer waterproof protective material to keep your car clean and dog comfy
  • Easy install in less than a minute to a hammock or platform function
  • Fits in almost any car and SUV
  • Headrest and seat anchors to keep the cover in place, and you dog safe and secure
  • Easy clean material will make fur and mud clean up fast and efficient 


BWOGUE Dog Safety Seat Belt Strap

Bwogue makes an excellent and easy doggie seat belt to add an extra layer of safety during your travels. This easy to use seat belt loops over the head rest and gently attaches to your dogs harness. (Do not attach to collar, use a harness). 


  • Top quality nylon materials
  • Easy install in seconds
  • Easy clip on swivel snap feature to any dog harness without the tangles
  • Adjustable length for your dogs size and space needs.



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