The Best Dog Jackets, Clothing, Pajamas, Thundershirts, Bagpacks & Boots

Finding the right clothing for the right function can be a chore. Lucky for you I love this stuff and have compiled an amazing list of the best winter jackets, rain jackets, fashionable clothing, pajamas, anti-anxiety thundershirts, backpacks, and dog boots.

All of these products are among the top rated in their category and are premium quality at affordable prices. Both fashionable and functional, this series of dog clothing and accessories will have your pet well protected, comfortable, and looking amazing.

Best Winter Coats & Jackets For Dogs

Getting your Pit Bull the proper winter gear is essential for their health and well-being. Hypothermia, frostbite, and paw injuries can happen very quickly in the winter, so you need to be prepared. Things like a pair of dog boots in the winter can help protect your Pit Bulls pads from the cold as well as the road and sidewalk salts that are very harsh on their feet.

These are some of my top recommendations for Coats and Sweaters for your Pit Bull to keep them safe, warm, dry, and looking pretty amazing too.

Canada Pooch True North Insulated Dog Parka

Canada Pooch Pit Bull Coat

Crafted with a soft fleece lining and faux-down insulation for ultimate warmth in all kinds of weather. The durable water-resistant shell will help keep your doggie dude dry while the dual hook and loop closure keeps this puppy parka in place. Complete with a slit for a leash attachment, you’ll have no problem getting your buddy all bundled up

Pet Life Fashion Parka Dog Coat

pet life dog parka

Lined with 3M Thinsulate Thermal Heat Retention Technology, this jacket is perfect for those chilly days to make your pooch warm and comfortable. The inner fleece protects him from getting cold, and the removable faux fur hood can be zipped on and off to give him a new look every time he leaves home.

Kurgo Loft Jacket

Kurgo pit bull coat

reversible dog vest is perfect to keep your dog cozy during the chilly fall months, and cold winter months when out on walks, hikes, and runs; dog jacket has reflective piping to easily spot your dog when it gets dark early; adjustable hook and loop closure for a custom fit.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

chilly dog Boyfriend dog sweater

Chilly Dog keeps up with the latest trends to keep dogs fashionable as well as warm. Their sizing can fit a tea cup dog to a great dane.  These are the warmest and best quality sweaters you will find out there! Don’t let your dog be left out in the cold! 

Canada Pooch | Northern Knit 2.0

canada pooch coat for Pit Bull

High quality, fashionable-yet-functional outerwear to keep your dog comfortable & dry. This sleek and stylish fleece-lined knitted dog sweater features a zippered neck closure.  Equipped with functional zip-up pockets for treat & bag storage, a leash/harness slit, adjustable button closures, plus ribbing on the neck & sleeves for a snug fit.

Kool Tail Plaid Dog Hoodie

kool tails dog hoodie

Keep warm in cold weather, thicker than most of the hoodies. 65% polyester, 35% cotton, soft and comfortable, machine washable. Back has a hole, leash can through it, convenient for going out to walking.

The Best Rain Jackets For Dogs

Keeping your dog dry and warm doesn’t have to mean an ugly rain slicker. These ChoChoCho dog raincoats are some of the most functional and fashionable dog rain jackets money can buy. A huge range of sizes with breathable material, these are sure to be a hit with you and your Pibble.

ChoChoCho Dog Raincoat Camouflage Dog Windbreaker

camo dog rain coat

This adorable camouflage dog raincoat and windbreaker meets both fashion and function. The water resistant jacket comes in sizes small to XXXX-large, with a convenient upper back hole for harness leash attachment. This breathable, skin friendly double layer coat also comes with reflective striping to keep you safe at night.

ChoChoCho Pet Clothing Reflective Raincoat Waterproof NASA US Flag

nasa dog raincoat

The ChoChoCho NASA jacket is a super lightweight, windproof, and water resistant coat that is out of this world. Made with reflective material and breathable skin friendly lining, this NASA dog raincoat will keep your dog dry, comfortable, and fabulous.

The DogFace Dog Raincoat 

the dogface rain jacket

The stylish The DogFace raincoat offers superior comfort with their adjustable drawstrings, and breathable skin friendly lining. This windproof, water resistant, and lightweight jacket comes in a range of styles and sizes from Frenchies to Presa Canarios. Fashion and function rolled up into one amazing dog raincoat.

The Best Dog Clothing – From Button Ups to Hoodies

Dog clothing can be a great way to give your pet a little extra warmth on those autumn or early spring days. It’s also a great way to give your dog a fashionable look while walking the neighborhood. These are some of the highest rated, top quality, safe and comfortable pieces of fashion for your Pibble.

Frisco Plaid Dog Button Up Shirt

dog plaid shirt

Whether you’re at a dinner party, or a casual evening out, this handsome Frisco Plaid button up shirt for dogs is perfect. Comfortable fit in sizes from Pugs to Dogo Argentinos with a convenient back hole for easy leash to harness attachment. 

Frisco Striped Dog Polo Shirt

dog polo t-shirt

This lightweight cotton and polyester blend summer Polo is the perfect shirt for dogs big and small. Available in sizes from Boston Terrier to American Bulldog, this sleek and stylish casual polo will be a hit and the local parks. Easy pullover design with back hole for easy leash to harness attachment

ChoChoCho Woof Dog Hoodie

woof dog hoodie

Simply put the Woof Dog hoodie from ChoChoCho is the ultimate in dog streetwear. Amazing graphics in 3 different color variations with skin friendly, breathable fabric. The convenient back hole allows for easy harness to leash attachment, and comes in sizes small to 5XL.

ChoChoCho Pup Dog Hoodie Pupreme

pupreme dog hoodie

The Pupreme is so street it’s adorable. The natural cotton fabric material allows for your dogs hoodie to be breathable and comfortable on their skin. Available in sizes small to 5XL with easy to use back hole for easy leash to harness attachment.

Tooth & Honey Big Dog Pullover

tooth and honey dog shirt

The Tooth & Honey big dog pullover is made with lightweight breathable cotton, with a little extra stretch to comfortably fit your dog. The full underbelly coverage and the sleek design will keep your Pibble looking and feeling fabulous.

The Best Dog Pajamas

Tooth & Honey make an amazing series of dog pajamas. Comfortable, stretchy and ultra stylish. Dog pajamas might seem a little silly, but for short coat dogs like Pitbulls this is a great way to keep them cozy at night. 

Not only that dogs with skin issues will find extra comfort, and give you a layer of protection from excessive scratching that can lead to infractions and further irritation. I use dog pajamas with my Staffy when she is especially itchy some nights after a good oatmeal bath. It helps comfort and soothe her skin, while providing some extra warmth.

Tooth & Honey is also an amazing company dedicated to giving back to animal rescues and breaking the stigma around the Pitbull type breeds. Grab something stylish and support an amazing company while you’re at it.

Tooth & Honey Unicorn Dog Pajamas

unicorn dog pajamas

Nothing says big scary mean Pitbull like a pair of comfy unicorn pajamas. The Tooth & Honey unicorn pajamas are made extra comfy and extra stretchy to give your Pibble the perfect fit and comfort level.

Tooth & Honey Pit Bull Rubber Duck Pajamas

rubber duck dog pajamas

If unicorns aren’t your thing, try the rubber duck pajamas from Tooth & Honey. The same ultra comfortable lightweight material with extra stretchy support is the perfect bedtime attire for your Pitbull.

Tooth and Honey Pit Bull UFO Space Pajamas

ufo dog pajamas

The UFO space pajamas from Tooth & Honey are out of this world. Same comfortable stretchy polyester blend feels for a cozy night’s sleep. You can’t go wrong with these pajamas when you have a pibble looking for that added layer of comfort.

The Best Thundershirt Jacket For Anxious Dogs

Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

thundershirt sport anxiety jacket

The success rate of 80% with the Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety jacket speaks for itself. This is one of the most recommended anti-anxiety jackets by vets, pet owners and trainers on the market. The gentle, calm and consistent pressure helps alleviate fears, anxiety and stress from environmental triggers. Highly recommended for your anxious dog big or small.

The Best Dog Backpacks

Backpacks for your dog can be a great way to keep your hands free, and give your dog a little more exercise while out on adventures. These dog backpacks are lightweight, and convenient storage packs that can store away extra dog bags, treats, water and food dishes for all your outdoor adventures.

For high energy dogs adding a couple pounds of weight to give them a little bit of an extra challenge is an excellent way to give them exercise. Just be sure to not overload your dog with weight. A couple extra pounds for a large high energy dog is plenty.

Outward Hound DayPak

outward hound day dog backpack

Whether out for a little stroll, or on a big adventure along the trails the Outward Hound DayPak is a top quality dog backpack for storage. The expandable pockets for food dishes, water, baggies, and toys makes carrying gear for your dog that much easier. Convenient leash clip on the back makes this an ideal DayPak for you and your dog.

Ruffwear Approach Pack For Dogs

ruffwear dog backpack

This pack was designed to be an everyday pack with excellent performance, fit and functionality. Comfort-fit Web Master Harness frame ensures good structure, stability, and load dispersion. The five-point adjustable fit accommodates dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Arcadia Trail Packable Backpack

arcadia trial dog backpack

Arcadia Trail Packable Backpack is a water-repellent, lightweight backpack that packs into itself for easy transport when not in use. Features two roomy storage bags and reflective straps for night-time safety.

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Saddle Bag Backpack

one tigris dog pack

The functional and fashionable OneTigris Backpack is one of the highest rated products on Amazon. The double pooch saddlebags provide convenient and safe storage for snacks, baggies, water, and toys. The adjustable straps and cotton canvas keeps your dog comfortable and safe for any adventure.

The Best Dog Boots For Winter

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

ultra paws boots

Protect your parading pooch’s sensitive paws with Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots. Made from water-resistant nylon, this patented design is the perfect all-purpose boot to keep your furry friend’s feet safe in wet or dry, hot or cold conditions. 

QUMY Dog Boots

qumy boots for dogs

The dog boots have a rugged sole and high quality fabrics that are then sewn together to ensure they are ready for your adventure. Dog boots have cute pet paw embroidery, paws side is the outside, soft and hand washable.