Is An American Bully A Good Family Dog? 9 Things To Know

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I have been a fan of the American Bully for a number of years now. When I first met an American Bully I was impressed not just by their build, but the character of the breed. At the start of the year I decided to get an American Bully puppy, and when it comes to family dogs, this is what I have learned.

Is an American Bully a good family dog? As a whole the American Bully is a great family dog. The American Bully was specifically bred to be a loving and loyal family companion animal. They bond very strongly with their family and are eager to please in all that they do.

My experience over the past year with my American Bully has been amazing. Though the puppy phase of any breed of dog can be tiresome and testing on patience, my dog has been a wonderful addition to the family. 

In this post I will cover some things you need to know about the American Bully as a family dog. Understanding the amazing characteristics of this breed, along with the challenges, can help you make a better decision when considering an American Bully as a new family member. Let’s dig in. 

Why American Bullies Are Good Family Dogs

With any breed of dog there are pros and cons. The trick is to find a breed that best suits your family’s lifestyle. Below I will cover everything about the American Bully from exercise needs and training, to grooming, and temperament. In the end I think you will agree American Bullies are good family dogs.

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What Are American Bully Exercise Needs?

On average the American Bully will require at least 60 minutes of daily exercise. Whether Pocket size or XL, American Bullies should be provided with walks, games, and mental stimulation for at least one hour each and every day.

My American Bully gets 3 walks a day ranging from 15-30 minutes each. This keeps him content and well balanced throughout the day. I also provide several activities throughout the day for mental stimulation. Which is equally as important as exercise.

Food puzzles like Kongs, snuffle mats, and Outward Hound games are a reward and mentally challenging activity. Paired with a daily training session of 15 minutes, my American Bully is able to exercise his brain and stay out of mischief.

Are American Bullies Easy To Train?

The American Bully is a smart breed of dog, but more importantly very eager to please. Though they are known to be stubborn at times, connecting with your American Bully in the right way makes them easy to train.

My American Bully is very food motivated. I use this to my advantage in all of our training sessions. He is a young developing puppy and making training a fun, rewarding, and challenging experience has paid off greatly.

Consistent daily training sessions in 15 minutes intervals should be a part of your routine. American Bullies respond very well to positive reinforcement, so always keep training fun and rewarding. Due to their eagerness to please, using these techniques will make training easy.

Grooming An American Bully

When it comes to grooming, the American Bully is a very low maintenance breed. Typically a weekly brushing to keep their skin and coat healthy is all that is needed. Regular walks can keep their toenails under control, but every other week I use a nail grinder to keep them filed down.

With any dog it is recommended you brush their teeth at least once a week. I use a finger toothbrush and some delicious tasting enzymatic toothpaste to keep my American Bully’s teeth and gum looking and smelling great.

Every dog will have a little bit of a “dog smell” but when your American Bully starts to stink there could be an issue. A good weekly grooming routine can help you discover, as well as prevent some of the main causes of a smelly American Bully.

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Bathing An American Bully

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American Bullies should be bathed roughly every 8 weeks. Unless your American Bully has gotten filthy from being outside, a bath every other month is enough to keep them healthy and smelling good.

Over bathing an American Bully can lead to skin problems from dryness leading to irritations. Weekly brushings can help remove dirt, debris, and other unwanted things from your American Bully’s coat. Frequent baths can remove the healthy oils from your dog and lead to redness, itching, and potential infections from scratching.

Are American Bullies Good With Kids?

A well socialized American Bully is excellent with kids. The American Bully is a very family oriented dog and loves being around people, especially the little people in the family. These dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate and do excellent with children.

With any breed of dog it is important to supervise interactions with pets and kids. Ensuring that all playtime is done in a gentle and controlled manner. Accidents can happen, and American Bullies are strong dogs that can accidentally knock over a toddler no problem. Keep an eye on play time with every dog and child.

Are American Bully Dogs Aggressive?

As a whole a well socialized American Bully is not an aggressive dog. Despite the imposing look, the American Bully is a very friendly and gentle dog. These dogs were bred to remove the gameness and aggression of their ancestry to be loving, loyal family companion animals.

Human aggression is considered a very uncharacteristic trait of the American Bully and is highly discouraged within the breed standard. If you have ever met an American Bully you will quickly see that they are very human friendly and great companions.

Do American Bullies Get Along With Other Dogs?

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The American Bully can get along great with other dogs. Early socialization and proper training are important steps that must be taken to raise a well balanced and sociable dog. When introduced to other dogs in a positive environment, American Bullies make excellent friends and playmates. In fact they can even get along with cats quite well.

My American Bully is great with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. He has a French Bulldog friend, a Husky friend, a Pitbull friend, and even a Yorkie friend that he loves. Introducing him to as many dogs as possible from an early age has made him gentle, friendly and reliable with other dogs.

Are American Bullies Affectionate Dogs?

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One of the sometimes overwhelming traits of the American Bully is their affection. The American Bully loves to cuddle, be at your feet, touching you at all times. I can barely go more than a few minutes without my American Bully wanting to curl up next to me or on me.

Because the American Bully was bred to be an excellent family companion, they bond very strongly. They are full of love and want nothing more than to be right next to you at all times. Sometimes to a degree that could be considered clingy.

Is An American Bully A Good First Dog?

The American Bully can be a great first dog for some families. Commitment towards their training as well as understanding the various traits and needs of the American Bully are crucial. Learning about dog behaviors and attending training classes is a must for any responsible dog owner.

American Bullies are strong dogs, and can be equally as strong willed. It is important as a first time owner that you commit to the consistent exercise, discipline, and care that an American Bully requires. Raising a well balanced and happy dog can be simple, but it will require some effort.

Final Thoughts

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For me the American Bully is one of the best family dogs you could own. My American Bully brings so much love, excitement and entertainment to my household each and every day. His loyalty is truly heartwarming and the affection he shares proves why these dogs are the ultimate companion animal.

I hope this post has shed some light on the wonderful personality and temperament of the American Bully. The commitment to bringing one of these beautiful dogs into your family is one you won’t regret.


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