How Often Should You Bathe An American Bully? 9 Grooming Tips

Keeping an American Bully fresh and clean is a fairly low maintenance job. When it comes to grooming an American Bully you are looking at a very low time commitment. This doesn’t mean it is not an important part of your dog’s routine. Proper bathing and grooming is important for your American Bully’s health and appearance.

How often should you bathe an American Bully? As a general rule an American Bully should be bathed every 8 weeks or so. When your dog begins to smell, has an oily coat, or has dirt and grime on their skin and coat, it’s bath time. Avoid bathing your American Bully too frequently however.

Giving your American Bully a good bath will help keep their coats and skin looking and feeling healthy. Over bathing however can lead to serious skin issues. By giving your American Bully a bath too often you are actually striping their skin and coat of the natural oils that protect their skin. This can lead to dry, irritated, and sometimes infected skin.

Stick around to learn how to properly take care of your American Bully’s bath time routine, as well as some essential grooming tips. Everything you need to know about keeping your American Bully looking and feeling fantastic is covered right here. Let’s dig in!

Giving Your American Bully A Bath

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Giving your American Bully a bath is a fairly straightforward process, but there are some common mistakes people make. Here we will look at the steps you should follow, as well as the mistakes you should avoid when bathing your American Bully.

Step #1 – Preparing For Bath Time With Your American Bully

Some dogs hate bath time, others don’t mind it, and some actually enjoy it. Regardless of where your dog falls on this spectrum you need to have everything setup before bath time begins. Make sure you have the following supplies ready and within reach of your tub or shower.

  • Towels
  • Shampoos
  • Wash Cloth & Bucket
  • Non Slip Mat
  • Treats

Keeping a couple towels handy to cover both your floor as well as drying off your dog is important to keep close by. When bath time is done you don’t want a wet dog running around the house. You also don’t want any slips or falls on a wet floor. Keep these right next to the bath or shower.

Shampoos are the whole reason we are here right? Make sure you have your shampoo handy. It might not be a good idea to leave your American Bully unattended in the bath or shower if you need to leave to get shampoo. They might scramble to escape and hurt themselves, so keep it close by.

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Use A Wash Cloth For Your American Bully’s Face

A wash cloth and bucket is handy for areas around the face and ears. Even if you have a good shower sprayer, using a washcloth and clean water can help you maneuver around your dog’s face. This will help avoid getting shampoo in their eyes and too much water in their ears. 

I like to use a non-slip shower mat when bathing my Staffy and American Bully puppy. My Staffy hates the bath, and tends to move around a lot. By having the mat in place this ensures she doesn’t slip and potentially injure herself. I use a SlipX Solutions Extra Long Vinyl Bath Mat. They are terrific and super affordable on Amazon.

Having treats on hand is never a bad idea. Especially if you are dealing with a dog that hates the bath. Or even if you are training a puppy to get used to the idea of bath time. Like I currently am with my new puppy Chester. Creating a positive association with bath time, and rewarding good behavior is important, so keep those extra special treats ready. 

Step #2 – Water Check

Before you start hosing down your American Bully you need to get the water temperature just right. Hot water can be painful and really dry out their skin and coat quickly. Too cold can be very uncomfortable. I find a midpoint around lukewarm, or even slightly on the cold side to be best.

Adjust your shower nozzle to be effective, but not too strong. I personally like a good strong blast from a shower when I am bathing, but this can be painful to your dog. Find a setting that is gentle on their skin, but direct enough to give them a good rinse.

When the temperature is good, the shower nozzle is setup. It’s time to begin washing your American Bully.

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Step #3 – Rinse, Shampoo, Rinse

Start with your American Bully’s body first. Give them a good rinse and soaking first, then gently use your hand washcloth to get their face and around their ears. Using a spray around their face can get water in their eyes and ears, and this is very uncomfortable.

Too much water in the ears can actually lead to ear infections. Using the wash cloth will minimize the amount of water that gets in there, and make the experience much more comfortable.

Shampoo Time!

Now that you have your dog nice and wet it’s shampoo time! I use a gentle oatmeal based shampoo on my Staffy and American Bully to keep their skin moisturized and soft. More to come on that later.

Apply the shampoo in the palm of your hands and gently massage it into your dog’s coat. Work from the neck back and really work the shampoos into their coat. Don’t forget their bellies, legs, feet and tail. Once you have worked the shampoo in really well let it sit for a couple minutes. This is an opportune time to hand out some treats as a reward and distraction.

Apply a little bit of shampoo to the washcloth and gently massage around your dog’s face. Be very careful around the eyes. Even tear free shampoos will sting a bit. Make sure to rinse the cloth off really well in the bucket of clean water to remove the shampoo for the next step.

Final Rinse

Rinse your American Bully from the neck back. This will keep the water and shampoo moving away from the face area. Massage their coat again as you rinse to ensure you are getting all the shampoo out. Next take the clean cloth and gently rinse their face. Take your time here.

Step #4 – Towel Off Your American Bully

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Towels should be ready to go once you have given your American Bully the final rinse. Set one on the floor for them to step on. Get the second one ready for a good rub down. Don’t be too hard or aggressive when toweling them off, but firm enough to work out all that moisture. 

If you have a XL American Bully, maybe having a spare towel or extra large one handy is best to get them completely dry.

Avoid using a blow dryer. These can be hard to adjust for temperature and can lead to burns and injury. A good towel and a few minutes is all you need to get them dry from head to toe. Once they are nice and dry, give them some more treats of course.

Best Shampoos For American Bullies

Not all shampoos are created equal. American Bully dogs can have very sensitive skin and I highly recommend using a gentle oatmeal based shampoo, or organic formulas specific to sensitive skin.

I have used a variety of shampoos in my time with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with very sensitive skin, and these are by far the best. I have tried all 3 and can’t recommend them enough. They are fantastic for skin and coat, and smell terrific.

Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs 

wahl dog shampoo

Wahl makes an excellent dog shampoo that provides instant relief from itchy dry skin. The Oatmeal base shampoo concentrate comes in a variety of scents. My personal favorite is the coconut lime verbena. The PH balanced formula is a great way to relieve, and prevent, dry itchy skin on your Bully breed. The high concentration formula also means that a little shampoo goes a long way.

Zesty Paws Oatmeal Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo

zesty pets dog shampoo

Zesty Paws is a great brand and one that I have complete trust in as a dog owner. I have used their Zesty Paws Oatmeal Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo and their Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for my Staffy’s skin and they are both great products.

The Zesty Paws Oatmeal shampoo contains oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamins, quinoa and almond extract to help sooth, relieve, and moisturize your dog’s skin. It has a great vanilla scent and leaves my dog’s coat very soft, and supple. Combined with the Salmon oil this shampoo has greatly reduced my Staffy’s shedding as well. 

Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo

moosh dog shampoo

Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo is one I had been hearing about for a while, and only recently tried. The Moosh brand shampoo touts its 100% natural and organic formula using bentonite clay as one of its cleaning and healing agents for sensitive, irritated skin. Along with the shea butter, argan oil, and aloe vera natural ingredients.

The raving reviews on Amazon were right. Moosh is a fantastic natural dog shampoo. My Staffy’s skin and coat were smooth, supple, and looked incredibly healthy. The scent is hard to pinpoint, and is very subtle, but clean smelling. I’m not sure what is in that magic bentonite clay, but it works!

Do American Bullies Shed A Lot?

As a general rule American Bullies do not shed a lot. American Bullies are very low maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming. The short and firm coat on the American Bully is easy to care for and giving them a good brushing once a week is generally all that is needed.

Establishing a weekly brushing routine will ensure the small amount of hair American Bullies do shed ends up in the trash bin rather than the couch and floors. Weekly brushings are also great for your American Bully’s skin and coat. It helps to evenly distribute their nature oils, as well as remove allergens and dirt.

Why Is My American Bully Shedding So Much?

There are several factors that may be why your American Bully is shedding so much. Diet, seasonality, anxiety, health, and grooming routine all can play a part in excessive shedding. Taking a look at each of these factors can help determine a root cause of the problem.


A recent change in your American Bully’s diet can be causing so much shedding. They may be lacking in the proper nutrition and essential fatty acids dogs need for good skin and coat health. Supplementation of good fish oils, and premium quality dog foods can help with shedding.

Warmer Temperatures

Most dogs shed during the spring and summer seasons. Even the short coat Bully breeds are known to shed a bit more when the temperatures start getting warmer outside. This is totally normal and just requires a few more regular brushings.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can cause a release of epinephrine in your dog, which will cause more shedding. Stressful situations or problems of chronic stress will lead to excessive shedding. Managing your dog’s stress through exercise, activities, or supplementation can help alleviate the anxiety and prevent excessive shedding.

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Allergies & Health Problems

American Bullies with health problems such as allergies can experience excessive shedding. Consult with your vet if you notice your dog scratching a lot and believe it is allergy related. Proper treatment of allergies or allergic reactions will reduce shedding.

Grooming Frequency

Regular grooming routines will keep your American Bully’s skin and coat healthy. By distributing their natural oils, remove loose hair, dirt, and allergens, you can reduce the amount of shedding that occurs. Once a week is recommended, but a couple times a week in the spring and summer would be helpful.

Best Brushes For American Bullies

Brushing your American Bully is a fast and easy job when you have the right tools. I like a good brush that is easy to clean and use. These are some of the best brushes for American Bullies.

KING KOMB™ – Deshedding tool

king komb dog grooming brush

The King Komb has taken the grooming world by storm in recent years. This amazing grooming brush has a unique, easy to clean design with 51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles to remove allergy triggering dander. Helps keep your pets coat silky smooth.

The King Komb’s unique retractable self cleaning action makes brushing your dog fast and easy. King Komb’s soft rubber bristles work great at removing the loose top and undercoat hair, while also providing a great massage and dermal stimulation.

FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

furminator dog grooming brush

The FURminator is one of the top rated products on Amazon, and for good reason. The ergonomic design is easy to use to remove loose hair and undercoat, and the FURjector button makes cleaning up a breeze.

The FURminator works amazing on my Staff. Although she is not a big shedder, the FURminator definitely helps keep her looking healthy, and removes those pesky spring allergens. With over 23,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, you can be sure this product works great. 

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

sleekEZ dog grooming brush

The SleekEZ is the #1 patented deshedding tools for pets in the world according to the company. The patented wave pattern stainless steel brush gently removes pet hair with no tugging or pulling.

I have to admit this uniquely designed deshedding tool has me intrigued. The reviews are phenomenal, and the product’s ergonomic design looks amazingly simple to use. The premium grade wood gives it that extra charming look as well.


Here is a quick summary of everything covered in this post. Knowing how often you should bathe an American Bully is only the first step in a good grooming routine. Following these tips will make taking care of your American Bully that much easier and safer.

  • Don’t over bathe your American Bully. Once every 8 weeks or so is a good schedule.
  • Setup bath time supplies first before you start washing your American Bully
  • Do a temperature and pressure check before getting your American Bully wet.
  • Avoid getting water in your American Bully’s eyes and ears by using a washcloth
  • Use a gentle oatmeal based, or nature formula shampoo for sensitive skin.
  • Massage the shampoo deep into your American Bullies coat
  • Rinse from the neck back, avoiding the eyes and ears.
  • Towel dry well and avoid blow dryers
  • Brush your American Bully at least once a week. More often during the spring/summer seasons.

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