Do Bull Terriers Like To Cuddle? 6 Affection Pros & Cons

The Bull Terrier is often referred to as the “Clown Dog” because of their entertaining and hilarious antics. I can attest that this is a fitting nickname. Having met several Bull Terriers over the years I can say their playful and silly behavior is undeniable. The energy and zest for life Bull Terriers exhibit is truly second to none.

But do Bull Terriers like to cuddle? As a whole the Bull Terrier is a very affectionate dog and does like to cuddle with family. The loyalty and deep bond that Bull Terriers form with their family is strong. As a result Bull Terriers thrive when they are able to be close to their owners whenever possible.

When the Bull Terrier is not busy being busy they are looking for affection. These dogs are big time cuddly dogs, sometimes to the point of violating personal space. Sharing the couch, bed, and recliner chair is what Bull Terrier owners must be ready to expect.

There are both pros and cons to the cuddly affection level of a Bull Terrier. In this post I will discuss a few of each to better help you determine if a Bull Terrier is the right dog for you.

Are Bull Terriers Loving And Affectionate?

Bull Terriers as a general rule are one of the most loving and affectionate breeds of dogs. The Bull Terrier is a very people oriented dog and is always seeking attention from their owners. Through comical behavior and playful antics, the Bull Terrier is constantly looking for love.

Pro: The loyalty and devotion of the Bull Terrier is strong. As a Bull Terrier owner you will never doubt the love your dog feels towards you and your family.

The Bull Terrier comes from a background of bull-baiting dogs. Hence their powerful stature and athletic ability. These high energy dogs were refined by James Hinks from brutish fighters to loving family companions. 

Though the days of dog fighting have long since been banned, some of the gameness of those days persist. When not properly trained and socialized the loyalty and devotion to the Bull Terriers family can become over protective.

Con: Bull Terriers that are not socialized and trained by a firm leader can become protective. This protective behavior can lead to aggression towards strangers and especially other dogs.

Training and socialization of a Bull Terrier is vital in developing their behavior. The Bull Terrier is a powerful, energetic dog that when left unchecked can develop destructive or aggressive behavior. 

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Are Bull Terriers Good With Children?

Despite what some may claim Bull Terriers, on average, are good with children. They are in fact rated as one of the best dogs for kids according to the American Kennel Club. Bull Terriers are loving, gentle and affectionate companions to children, especially ones within the family unit.

Pro: The Bull Terrier is a wonderfully entertaining companion to children in the family as well as a loyal and devout protector. 

Bull Terriers love to play. This is one of the main characteristics of this breed. They are always looking for fun and adventure, and children are often the same in this regard. This makes the Bull Terrier and children great playmates.

With the high energy and strength of the Bull Terrier comes needed precautions. An over excited Bull Terrier can easily knock down and injure a child when play becomes out of control.

Con: The excitability and sometimes rough play of a Bull Terrier can lead to accidents and injuries with children. Though unintended they may be, managing a Bull Terriers play with children is a must

All dogs should be monitored while interacting with children. Things can get too rough or excited by both children and the dogs. Adult supervision is critical to avoid accidents and teach everyone how to play nice and within safe limits.

Source – Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Are Bull Terriers Clingy Or Needy?

As a general rule Bull Terriers can become clingy or needy when their needs are not being met. This would include lack of exercise, mental stimulation, proper leadership and training, and quality time with family. When one or more of these elements is not present, a Bull Terrier will be more prone to clingy behavior.

The level of clingy or needy behavior can be rather subjective depending on the owner’s preferences. To some the constant need for attention and shadowing throughout the house may seem endearing. For others this behavior can be very annoying.

Con: The Bull Terrier requires a good deal of exercise, mental stimulation, training, and attention to remain content. This requires more energy from a Bull Terrier owner than other breeds. As a result the Bull Terrier is not an ideal dog for every family.

Avoiding Clingy And Needy Behavior

Though the Bull Terrier can feel like a high maintenance dog for some, there is hope for those wanting to correct clingy and needy behavior. By providing your Bull Terrier with the essentials they need to thrive and giving you a little space.

Pro: Bull Terriers are rather simple in their needs. Creating a routine and plan to meet their needs will ensure a balanced family companion and remove most clingy and needy behavior.

Yes you will need to spend more time entertaining and exercising your Bull Terrier than most breeds. There will be more time dedicated to consistent, firm yet positive training each day. The reward however is worth every minute of time dedicated to these routines.

The Bull Terrier that is provided with the four essentials of exercise, mental stimulation, leadership and quality affection time, is a happy and balanced dog. Clingy and needy behavior can be alleviated by attending to these needs and setting proper boundaries with your Bull Terrier.

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Final Thoughts

Back to the original question. Bull Terriers are in fact cuddle monsters. These dogs crave and thrive with a family that is willing to spend time and lavish affection and attention on them. 

Setting firm boundaries, providing adequate exercise and stimulation, and ensuring early and consistent socialization and training, are your keys to success. Bull Terriers are not for everyone, but for those willing to create the routine and follow through, these dogs are incredible.

Loving, loyal, affectionate goofballs is the best way to describe the Bull Terrier. Your days will be spent being wildly entertained by them, and your evenings having your legs and feet warmed curled up on the couch together.

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