Can You Use Baby Wipes On A French Bulldog? 7 Best Dog Wipes

Taking care of your French Bulldog is a top priority for a happy healthy dog. Keeping your Frenchie clean and free from things like allergens, dirt, and nasty microscopic bugs is important. Those feet and face wrinkles will need a good wipe on a regular basis to keep them and your home clean.

So can you use baby wipes on a French Bulldog? As a general rule you can, but there are far better alternatives. Using baby wipes on your Frenchie is not ideal, and can cause skin issues, and in some cases illness. Dogs have different skin than babies and using baby wipes can cause irritation, redness, and more.

Like other Bulldog type breeds, Frenchies require a little more maintenance than wrinkle free breeds. Your French Bulldog can accumulate all sorts of food, dirt, pollen, and gunk in those cute little wrinkles. This can lead to problems with your Frenchies skin. 

Let’s take a look at why baby wipes on a French Bulldog are not ideal, and some of the best dog wipes you can use.

Is It Safe To Use Baby Wipes On A Dog?

Generally using baby wipes on a dog is safe, but can cause issues that are easily avoided. The PH balance of your dog’s skin is much different than that of a human baby’s. Baby wipes are formulated for human skin, and dog wipes are formulated for a dog’s skin.

What Is The Difference Between Baby Wipes And Dog Wipes?

Baby wipes often contain additional ingredients such as essential oils, fragrances, moisturizers, alcohol and propylene-glycol. All of which are fine for a baby’s skin, but your French Bulldog’s skin is far more sensitive, and can react negatively to these added ingredients.

Not only will some of these ingredients cause potential skin reactions, but they can be ingested as your dog licks themselves far more than a human child. At least I would hope so. Things like propylene-glycol are toxic to dogs in heavy doses.

Though I don’t think that the amount your French Bulldog could ingest from a baby wipe would be enough to make them ill, it is a potential, and why risk it when there are better solutions?

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dog’s Ears, Eyes and Bums?

Baby wipes on your dog’s ears, eyes, and bum can cause more irritation than usual in these particularly sensitive spots. Only the most gentle, hypoallergenic, tear fear, product of baby wipes can be used. My recommendation is using a special formulate wipe specifically for your French Bulldog.

Even some of the most common dog wipes recommend not to use them around your dog’s eyes and ears, as these are very sensitive spots. Getting a specific type of wipe like the Earthbath Pet Ear Wipes, and the Miracle Care Eye Wipes are a far better alternative. These products are affordable and readily available products with some of the highest ratings on Amazon.

What Kind Of Wipes Are Safe For Dogs?

The dog wipes that will be safe for you French Bulldog are ones that are specifically for dogs. As mentioned earlier in the post, dog wipes are specifically formulated for your dog PH and sensitive skin. The ingredients used in dog wipes are non-toxic as well, whereas some baby wipes have ingredients that can be.

It should go without saying, but the use of household wipes for surface cleaning should NEVER be used on your French Bulldog. Or a human for that matter. The harsh chemicals used in household Lysol or Clorox wipes are great for kitchen counters, but horrible for your dog. 

When Should I Use Dog Wipes On My French Bulldog

Keeping the right dog wipes on hand to keep you Frenchie clean, as well as your household is important. Dogs can track in all sorts of dirt, pollen, and germs from the outside. According to a study conducted by North Carolina State University, your dog can track in all sorts of germs and bacteria.

When you and your Frenchie are out exploring the world it is a good idea to give them a good wipe down when returning home. A good full body pet wipe on their feet and coat can remove all kinds of dirt, germs, and allergens from the environment.

Which is great news for allergy sufferers. My Staffy has a mild form of Atopy from pollen, giving her a wipe each time we get home has drastically reduced her skin irritations.

French Bulldog skin folds are cute, but also places where dirt, food, and all kinds of gunk hide. The warm and moist environment produced by these skin folds can create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and create problems. Cleaning your French Bulldog’s skin folds should be done at least a few times a week, if not daily.

This requires using an unscented, hypoallergenic dog wipe that can both clean and sooth your French Bulldogs skin. Neglecting this kind of daily routine can lead to all sorts of smells, irritations, and very painful skin disorders such as:

  • Skin Fold Yeast Dermatitis
  • Skin Fold Pyoderma
  • Tail Fold Dermatitis

Commons signs that your French Bulldog may have a skin infection include a strong odor, face rubbing or pawing, and general discomfort and redness in the affected area. At this point no dog wipe or baby wipe can help your Frenchie, and it’s time to go see a vet.

Finding the proper dog wipe for your French Bulldog is easy when you know your options. Keeping your daily wrinkle cleaning routine, and post outdoor wipe down routine a part of your day can save you trips to the vet.

Keeping pet wipes for your French Bulldog on hand at all times is the best move.

The 7 Best Dog Wipes For French Bulldogs

Dog wipes come in a few varieties. Antibacterial, Grooming, and some specialized wipes for eyes and ears. Not all are separated out, and many have overlaps that can work as very effective all purpose wipes.

Along with my personal experience as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner for 10 years, and my years working as a dog walker, these are some of the best products I have used or have been recommended.

Grooming Wipes For Your Dog


Earth Rated Dog Wipes

The Earth Rated Dogs Wipes are my go to wipes for my Staffy. These wipes are fantastic at general body wipe downs, and are earth friendly. They also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, but based on the amazing rates on Amazon, I suspect you’ll love them too.

  • 99% Biobased USDA certified
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Compostable
  • Alcohol-Free


Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

The Pogi Grooming Wipes are also an excellent grooming wipe for your dog. Amazing at cleaning, deodorizing, and conditioning your dog’s coat using Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi. 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% sustainably harvested bamboo fiber.
  • Fragrance Free


Biga Deodorizing Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes

Biga makes a great hypoallergenic pet wipe. Large durable sheets are perfect for giving your dog a full body wipe down. Contains no harsh chemicals, and has an aloe vera variety for extra soothing skin care. 30 Day money back guarantee shows how confident Biga is about their product.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Deodorizing
  • Durable and Soft wipes


Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes

Nature’s Miracle is one of the most popular wipes around, and for good reason. These wipes are known for the deep cleaning formula that leaves your dog’s skin and coat moisturized and smelling great. Over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon and counting.

  • Alcohol Free
  • Deodorizing
  • Gentle for daily use


Earthbath Pet Ear Wipes

Earthbath Pet Ear Wipes are specifically formulated for your dogs sensitive ears. I keep these on hand for my Staffy and they not only do a great job of cleaning, but they leave her skin well moisturized. These are a must for dogs ears, and come with a 100% money back guarantee on Amazon.

  • Soothing and Gentle ingredients
  • Deodorizing
  • Perfect for cleaning ear wax and dirt

Antibacterial Wipes For Your Dog


Dog Wipes by Nootie – Antifungal, Antimicrobial, & Antibacterial Wipes for Dogs

Nootie Wipes are perfect for treating skin conditions, but more importantly, preventing them. The Nootie formula helps control excessive yeast build-up, soothes dry skin, as well as prevents fungal and bacteria from developing. These wipes have been a blessing for my Staffy and I when she has a skin flare up. Great for French Bulldogs wrinkle cleaning too.

  • Gentle Formula to soothe and treat skin conditions
  • Prevents skin issues related to yeast and bacteria build up
  • Can be used as a gentle ear wipe


Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes

The Pet MD Wipes are also a highly rated and highly recommended antibacterial wipe. These wipes not only gently soothe and treat skin conditions like hot spots, and allergic dermatitis, but can relieve fungal and bacterial infections.

  • Vet recommended ingredients for treatment of skin conditions
  • Gentle soothing formula for skin conditions
  • Easy to use container

Final Thoughts

Finding the right products for your French Bulldogs skin and coat health is vital to their well-being. Using baby wipes are an option, but are generally not your best choice. I understand the convenience that may come along with using a baby wipe on a French Bulldog, but they deserve their own specific product.

Pet wipes specifically designed for your pet’s sensitive skin are a far better alternative than baby wipes. Some of the products I have listed above are not only safe, affordable, and easy to get, but are excellent for your French Bulldogs grooming needs.

Keeping a daily routine of cleaning your French Bulldog’s skin folds and giving them a good wipe after being outside will yield great benefits. The sensitive skin of the Frenchie will be all the better for it, and your house will stay relatively clean from outside germs and odors.

Keep the baby wipes for your baby, and give your Frenchie the best wipes for dogs.

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