Are Rottweilers High Or Low Maintenance? 7 Things To Know

The Rottweiler is perhaps one of the most well known dog breeds on the planet. These iconic dogs are adored by millions of families across the globe. When considering bringing a Rottweiler into your home it’s important to know what level of maintenance to expect with these large, strong, and intelligent dogs.

Are Rottweilers high or low maintenance? As a whole Rottweilers are very low maintenance when it comes to grooming, ease of training, and general health issues. Rottweilers can be high maintenance however when it comes to exercise, mental stimulation, and their need for attention.

Very few dogs are low maintenance in every aspect of their care. The Rottweiler is no exception. In this post I will cover the areas where a Rottweiler is a low maintenance dog, and high maintenance dogs. In the end you will have a well rounded picture of what level of care Rottweilers require. Let’s dig in.

Rottweiler Exercise Needs

When it comes to the exercise needs of the Rottweiler they can be a very high maintenance dog. Rottweilers are highly energetic and athletic dogs that require a high level of activity. Dogs in their young adult years all the way up to early senior years will need daily exercise of up to 2 hours.

Daily walks are one of the most important activities you can do with your Rottweiler. Not only is this great exercise for you both, but it helps further solidify the bond you have with your dog. Incorporating other activities such as fetch, agility, flirt poles, and games like tug-of-war are excellent for burning off that Rottie energy.

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Training A Rottweiler

Rottweilers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet. According to Stanley Coren’s book “The Intelligence Of Dogs” the Rottweiler sits at the #9 spot in the ranking of 79 dog breeds.

The ability to learn new skills quickly, and the willingness to obey commands quickly make Rottweilers a low maintenance dog when it comes to training. That being said, like any dog, effort will be required to raise a well balanced and obedient Rottweiler.

Just because Rottweilers are very smart dogs does not mean you will not need to spend as much time training them as other breeds. Consistency, positive reinforcement, and calm leadership will help your Rottweiler excel in training and obedience.

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Rottweiler Grooming Requirements

Rottweilers are very low maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming and bathing. The short coat of the Rottweiler requires regular weekly brushing to remove loose hair, dirt, and other grit and allergens, but a trip to the groomers will not be necessary. A few minutes a week is all it takes to keep their coats in great condition.

Bathing is also a fairly low maintenance activity with Rottweilers. Giving your dog a bath every 6-8 weeks is all that is needed to keep them smelling, looking and feeling fantastic. Be sure not to over bath as this may dry out their skin causing irritation and possible skin problems. A gentle oatmeal based shampoo is perfect for their coats as well as their skin.

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Rottweilers Being Left Alone

Rottweilers are very family oriented dogs and love to be near their family. Leaving your Rottweiler alone when you are out running errands or visiting friends can be just fine. As long as your Rottweiler is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day they can be left alone.

Rottweilers can however be prone to separation anxiety, and leaving them alone for extended periods of time can be a problem. Destructive behaviors can develop as a result, making leaving your Rottweiler alone a fairly high maintenance problem.

Understanding the needs of your Rottweiler can make this high maintenance issue into a low maintenance routine. By following a few simple tips and tricks you can comfortably leave your Rottweiler home alone without the fear of them destroying the house, and being alone in a state of stress and anxiety.

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Rottweilers Needs For Attention

When speaking of a Rottweiler‘s needs for attention I am talking about both mental stimulation as well as affection. In this area the Rottweiler can be a fairly high maintenance dog. Rottweilers require a great deal of mental exercise each day, and are very loving dogs that love to cuddle with their family.

Daily activities to keep your Rottweiler mentally stimulated will be a requirement. Because of their high intelligence and instinctual drive to work, mental exercise is needed to keep your Rottweiler well balanced and behaved. 

Obedience training is a great daily practice to mentally exercise your Rottweiler. From basic to advanced commands as well as trick training. Rottweilers thrive on learning new skills and being challenged. Things like food puzzles, agility courses, and games like sniff & search are also fantastic challenges for your dog.

When a Rottweiler is content both physically and mentally from exercise they are very likely to settle in right beside you for some cuddles. I hope you are willing to share a lot of your space, because a happy Rottweiler looking for some affection will take up most of yours.

Temperament Of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are a generally calm and confident breed of dog. When their basic needs for exercise and attention are being met they can be a very low maintenance dog in terms of stress, anxiety, and general behavior problems.

Socialization is an important component of any dog’s upbringing, and the Rottweiler is no different. A Rottweiler that is socialized from an early age will generally get along well with most other dogs. Rottweilers can at times show sign of dominance towards other dogs, especially ones of the same sex, and especially intact males.

The predatory instinct can be stronger in some Rottweilers and small animals like cats can be seen as a target. Early socialization and caution is required when raising or introducing small pets in your home.

Rottweiler Health Issues

Rottweilers that come from a reputable breeder, with full health checks, typically live a healthy and robust life. The Rottweiler is however prone to a few health problems, but is overall a low maintenance dog when it comes to general health and care.

Some of the health issues a Rottweiler is prone to include:

  • Heart problems 
  • Cruciate ligament damage
  • Elbow dysplasia 
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy
  • Inherited eye diseases
  • Osteochondrosis dissecans 
  • Certain cancers – especially aggressive bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and lymphoma.
  • Hot spots (acute moist dermatitis)

Source – PDSA

Final Thoughts

Owning a Rottweiler is a balance of high maintenance and low maintenance aspects of their care. In some cases you should be viewing the more high maintenance areas of their care as a perk and reason to want to own a Rottie.

Exercise and mental stimulation for example are a time consuming part of a Rottweiler‘s life. You should be excited about that. Living an active lifestyle and spending time bonding and forming a leadership role with your Rottweiler will be needed. If this doesn’t excite you then perhaps the Rottie is not the right breed of dog for you.

The Rottweiler is not the dog for everyone. First time owners need to be especially aware of this fact, as the Rottie is a strong, powerful, and clever breed that requires an experienced handler. Or at least someone strongly committed to becoming a good leader.

Every dog comes with it’s areas of high and low maintenance, you just need to decide if the Rottweiler is right for you. If you are committed, then get ready for one of the best dogs you could ask for. High maintenance parts and all.

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