Are Pocket Bullies Aggressive and Dangerous? 5 Friendly Facts

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When I first met my first Pocket American Bully in person, I was in love. I began looking into the breed more and more.The breed has a tough and imposing look, but my experience was nothing but affection and friendliness. I wanted another dog in my home and the Pocket Bully seemed perfect, but I needed to know more before committing.

Are Pocket Bullies aggressive and dangerous? As a whole Pocket Bullies are not an aggressive or dangerous breed by nature. Despite the intimidating appearance the Pocket Bully is a very social, friendly and loving dog. Aggression is considered to be extremely rare, and undesirable according to breed standards.

In my year-long journey of researching the Pocket American Bully I became more and more enamoured with this breed. I learned everything I could about this newly formed Bully breed dog and all the work done to make these dogs a remarkable companion animal.

This post will cover the temperament of the Pocket American Bully. Things that I have learned with months and months of research, as well as first hand experience with my Pocket Bully puppy Chester. Stick around to learn about all the pros, and a few cons, to Pocket American Bullies.

Are Pocket Bullies Dangerous?

On average Pocket Bullies are not dangerous dogs. They are a strong, stocky, and imposing looking breed, but are not by default a dangerous animal. According to breed standards outlined by the UKC aggression from a Pocket Bully is highly uncharacteristic. These dogs were bred specifically to be companion dogs.

Any breed of dog can be dangerous if not properly socialized or trained. A poorly trained, socialized, or potentially mistreated Pocket Bully can be dangerous under these circumstances. This is not however a trait of the breed, but rather a consequence of bad ownership. Regardless of the breed.

That being said, because of the strength of the Pocket Bully they can be more dangerous than a Corgi for example. Just based on strength, and nothing regarding temperament. Just like a Labrador Retriever can be more dangerous than a Corgi. 

Size and strength can pose a larger risk when it comes to animals, but this doesn’t mean they are by nature looking to cause harm. Pocket Bullies are gentle dogs by default. When socialized from a young age, and taught proper manners from a strong leader, they are model citizens in the community.

Are Pocket Bullies Good Friendly Dogs?

american bully not aggressive mouth open

As a general rule Pocket Bullies are good natured and friendly dogs. The American Bully breed of dogs from Pocket to XL were bred specifically to be friendly, loving, gentle family companion dogs. They in fact make excellent pets for almost any household.

This is not only mentioned in the UKC breed standards for the Pocket American Bullies, but has been my personal experience as well. In the last year of my research, and after meeting many different Pocket Bullies, I can attest that these dogs are very sweet, gentle, and friendly. Even to strangers such as myself.

“The American Bully breed is, first and foremost, a companion, exhibiting confidence with a zest and exuberance for life. Despite its powerful appearance, their demeanor is gentle and friendly. This breed makes an excellent family dog.”

UKC – AMerican Bully Breed Standard

I see this now more than ever with my Pocket American Bully Chester. He is a 5 month old puppy and is one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever seen. Chester is one of the happiest puppies I have ever seen. Even though he is teething, and I still get the odd nip from him, he is a very kind and gentle dog.

Pocket Bullies Love Their People

Pocket Bullies are great with people, especially their owners. They are exceptionally loyal, loving, and affectionate with their owners. Always wanting to be near and spend time with family. They are a moderately active breed outside, but inside they can be big couch potatoes. Curling up with family on the couch is where they are happiest.

The Pocket American Bully is generally very friendly with all people, but can be a little wary or protective over their owners when it comes to some strangers. Early socialization and strong leadership from owners can alleviate some of this protective and wary behavior.

American Bully Chester cuddle on my lap
Chester My Pocket American Bully Puppy

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Pocket Bullies Are Good With Children

One of the first things I researched before getting my Pocket Bully was how they are with children. I have a couple very young nieces, and need a dog that will be 100% reliable around kids, especially toddlers.

In reading about American Bullies I learned that they are great with children. Gentle, tolerant and patient dogs even with the rowdy kids. This couldn’t be more true with my Pocket Bully Chester. I have introduced him to my nieces, as well as some close friend’s children, and he has been amazing.

I was actually very cautious at first. As all dog owners should be. Chester is still a puppy and I know that his teething could be a problem with a young child. I was blown away to see his sweet, gentle approach to kids. He is a little more mouthy and rough and tumble with adults, but even at 4 months old he switches gears to an appropriate level with small kids.

This was not trained. His gentle behavior is in his nature. Though he is great with kids, I will always supervise play time with children. As any dog owner of any breed should. Accidents can happen, and play time needs to be managed and supervised to ensure rough, over-excited play does not happen.

Both children and dogs need to learn to play gently. Teaching both parties how to interact is the responsibility of every parent and owner. Regardless of how reliable your dog might be, always be keeping an eye on interactions.

Do Pocket Bullies Get Along With Other Dogs?

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On average most well socialized Pocket American Bully dogs can get along fine with other dogs. Due to the more people oriented nature of the breed however they tend to prefer human company. Like most Bully breeds, the Pocket American Bully can be intolerant of other dogs. Early socialization is a must.

Pocket American Bully dogs raised in the same household as another dog get along just fine as a general rule. American Bullies are very loyal to their pack, including other pets in the household. 

Dogs outside of the pack however should be introduced in a neutral and calm setting. Preferably during a calm walk with a neighbor or family member’s dog. Places like dog parks can be too chaotic, and little control is exercised with most owners at busy dog parks. 

Pocket American Bullies aren’t always looking for trouble, but are not ones to back down when challenged. Managing the environment you place your American Bully when interacting with other dogs is vital to ensure safe interactions for everyone.

Socializing Your Pocket American Bully

I have my own personal opinions when it comes to dog parks. That is I tend to not like them. They tend to be full of dog crap, disease, and unattentive owners. I can’t count the number of preventable fights I’ve seen break out at parks because of neglectful owners. As a result I avoid large, busy dog parks.

Off leash areas that allow your dog to explore and interact calmly with other dogs is my preferred means to socialize my Pocket American Bully. Meeting the occasional dog and owner on our mini walks, versus a chaotic enclosed area of dozens of hyped up dogs, is far better in my opinion.

Walks and quiet off leash areas are ideal for setting up your Pocket American Bully for successful socialization. These interactions are crucial in raising a balanced, well behaved dog that gets along with others, and knows how to ignore problem dogs.

Final Thoughts

pocket american bully chester smiling

The Pocket American Bully is a gentle, kind, sweet, affectionate, and charming breed of dog. By nature they are excellent family companions, and it is very uncharacteristic of the breed to show any signs of aggression towards humans.

Socialization, regular exercise, and proper training are keys to a well balanced dog of any breed. Pocket American Bullies are no exception. Bringing out the full potential of this dog’s amazing disposition requires only the basic attention to their needs.

I have now been living with my Pocket American Bully for 6 weeks, and I am continually amazed by this dog. Even in all my readings and video research I couldn’t imagine how gentle and loving these dogs could be. They truly are amazing companions, and bringing home my boy Chester was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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