Are Pit Bulls Good Inside Dogs? – 10 Pit Bull Facts

When you hear the name Pit Bulls one of the first things that comes to mind is strong, athletic and energetic dogs. A safe assumption, because they are. Pit Bulls chained up outside in someone’s yard is also common imagery used by the media. 

So are Pit Bulls good inside dogs? As a whole Pit Bulls are good inside dogs, in fact they are great inside dogs. The Pit Bull is one of the most human oriented breeds on the planet and does very well inside the home as loving companion animals. Pit Bulls also prefer being inside dogs vs outside dogs.

Having lived with a Staffy for 10 years, and worked with many Pit Bulls over the last 13, I can assure you they are wonderful inside dogs. A well exercised and trained Pit Bull can be an amazing member of the home, and I have 10 reasons to prove why they should be inside dogs. Let’s dig in.

Are Pit Bulls Good House Dogs?

Many people assume a strong, energetic dog like the Pit Bull would not be good house dogs. These people would be mistaken. The Pit Bull thrives in the home, and they make good house dogs when their needs are being met.

The basic routines of daily exercise, mental stimulation, quality diet, and affection is all a Pit Bull needs to be a wonderful house dog. When things like exercise and mental stimulation are neglected, they can become a little rowdy, like any dog with pent up energy.

Keeping a good routine of daily exercise, mixed with some mental stimulation like puzzles or obedience training, and you will have a content Pit Bull. 

Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are Good Inside Dogs

Here are just a few reasons why Pit Bulls are such good inside dogs.

Fact #1 – Pit Bulls are generally couch potatoes when inside the house.

If you are sticking to a good routine of exercise with your Pit Bull, they will spend the rest of the day lazing around the house. A good 60 minute walk every day will leave them quiet and content when they are inside.

Not to say they just sleep ALL day, but they are generally pretty mellow if they have had some exercise. They won’t be bouncing off the walls, or tearing up all your furniture if they have released a lot of that Pit Bull energy in a healthy way.

Fact #2 – Pit Bulls having extremely entertaining personalities.

Pit Bulls are very human oriented, and as a result are very eager to please. Their attentiveness to their family can provide hours of entertainment through games, gentle play, and general Pit Bull antics. 

Engage with them, and they engage right back, usually resulting in a lot of laughs, and funny video clips.

Fact #3 – Pit Bulls are excellent with children

Pit Bulls love their family, and have a particular soft spot when it comes to children. The Pit Bull can be a great companion, guardian, and play mate for your child. Their Nanny dog like behavior is heartwarming to watch.

With any dog it is worth mentioning that interactions between dogs and children should always be monitored. Accidents can happen from bumps, and rough housing. Make sure everyone is taught how to play nice and gentle, and always keep an eye on play time.

Fact #4 – Pit Bulls shed very little compared to a lot of breeds

Constant vacuuming of the floors, furniture, and throw pillows is the least of your worries with a Pit Bull. They have very fine short coats, that shed very little. You will have some dog hair around the house, but nothing compared to other breeds of dogs.

The Pit Bull is very low maintenance when it comes to grooming. A simple weekly brush can remove most of the loose hairs in their coats and prevent it from getting inside the house. Not only will this keep your house clean, but it will be great for your Pit Bull’s skin and coat.

Getting yourself some good bathing and grooming tools can ensure you have a clean home, and fresh looking and smelling dog. Check out some of my top recommendations for grooming brushes, and amazing shampoos for your Pit Bulls sensitive skin.

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Fact #5 – Pit Bulls aren’t the best guard dogs, but they can be a great deterrent.

Most would be burglars and all around bad guys will think twice about entering a house with a Pit Bull. Although they don’t make great guard dogs because of their general love of people, they can deter someone based on their looks alone.

That being said, Pit Bulls are incredibly loyal dogs, and will protect their owners if a threat is detected. They may not have a wariness of strangers, but an attacker will regret their actions immediately.

Fact #6 – Pit Bulls are one of the most affectionate dog breeds.

It is no secret to any Pit Bull owner that Pit Bulls are extremely affectionate. These strong, powerful and athletic dogs are also big giant cuddle monsters. There is nothing a Pit Bull enjoys more than curling up with their owner to watch t.v. or read a book. They are simply amazing family dogs.

You will see this affection with children as well. They will constantly be monitoring children inside the house, and will follow them room to room to be with them. My Staffordshire Bull Terrier does this with my niece to the point of exhaustion. She loves her little human and has to be near her.

Why Do Pit Bulls Cuddle So Much?

The bond between Pit Bulls and their humans is unparalleled. The extreme loyalty and eagerness to please their owners shows in their unreserved affection and longing to cuddle. This level of love and affection can be traced way back to the early days of the Pit Bull.

Back in the horrible days of pit-fighting, where the bull-and-terrier type dogs were made to participate in all kinds of awful blood sports, one trait was also bred into the dogs. Non-aggression towards humans.

See when pit fights would take place, the handlers had to be sure they could break up the fights without risking injury. These bull-and-terrier dogs would be in full attack mode, and could not be permitted to turn on their human handler. In fact dogs that showed even a small amount of aggression towards humans were culled.

Fact #7 – Pit Bulls are historically known to be gentle, loving, and affectionate dogs towards humans.

pit bull laying on owner

This trait, as horrible as its roots are, is one of the reasons that Pit Bulls are so gentle, loving, caring and affectionate towards people. They were bred to be good house dogs. Dogs that could be trusted with the family and children when they were not engaged in inhumane blood sports.

Do Pit Bulls Like Being Outside?

Pit Bulls like being outside, but only when it comes to activities with the family. Leaving your Pit Bull alone outside in the yard is not their ideal situation. They would much rather be engaged in games, play, training or exercise with their favorite humans.

Fact #8 – Pit Bulls like being outside, so long as they are with family and not left alone.

Outside activities like walking, hiking, running, fetch, and sometimes swimming are great outside fun for Pit Bulls. Though they aren’t always the best of swimmers, so be careful around the water.

Can Pit Bulls Be Kept Outside?

Pit Bulls can be kept outside for short periods of time alone, but they much prefer to be inside. Pit Bulls natural inclination to be with and around their family makes keeping them outside stressful at times. Especially for long periods of time.

If this is the only form of exercise that a Pit Bull gets during the day, this can spell disaster. A Pit Bull that is kept outside with little to no exercise can begin to exhibit destructive and potentially aggressive behaviors toward other neighborhood animals that pass by the house.

Fact #9 – Pit Bulls kept outside for extended periods of time without proper exercise will exhibit destructive behaviors.

Behaviors such as territorial barking, digging, and chasing can all become an issue if a Pit Bull is kept outside for too long without proper exercise and attention. Keeping a Pit Bull outside should be for a short period of time.

Pit Bulls cannot be kept outside in cold or extremely hot weather conditions. The Pit Bulls short fine coat makes them ill equipped to handle extreme temperatures and can result in illness and other serious health conditions.

Fact #10 – Pit Bulls need to wear a jacket during the cold winter temperatures to avoid hypothermia and frostbite.

Frostbite, hypothermia, sunburn, and heat exhaustion can all happen fairly quickly if a Pit Bull is kept outside without protection. Never leave your Pit Bull outside for more than a few minutes in extreme cold, and ensure they have plenty of shade and water if they MUST be outside in hot weather.

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Final Thoughts

Pit Bulls are amazing inside dogs, and love nothing more than spending time in the home with their family. Getting a Pit Bull only to keep them outside most of the day is not only a waste of quality time, but can be detrimental to the dog.

The Pit Bull that is well exercised is a loving, entertaining, couch potato cuddle bug of a dog. They are not meant to be segregated from their family and relegated to a life outside. Pit Bulls want to be next to you, and have earned that right with their good inside dog behavior.

Keep your Pit Bull inside the house, and they will prove how good of an inside dog they can be. Loyalty and laughs is a couple of the many benefits you will receive in return.

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