Are Miniature Bull Terriers Dangerous? – A No Bull Analysis

The difference between a Miniature Bull Terrier and your standard Bull Terrier is that they are, well, mini. That is really about it. The Mini Bull Terrier is essentially just a small version of the Bull Terrier and shares many common traits. Some view the Bull Terrier breed as potentially dangerous, so are Miniature Bull Terriers Dangerous?

The Miniature Bull Terrier can be dangerous, much like any other strong dog. Despite their short height they are a powerful little dog that can pose a potential threat. This doesn’t mean they are inherently out to harm. They are a loving and sweet breed, but when provoked can use their strength.

Any dog that weighs more than a few pounds can be dangerous. The strength and size of a dog determines the amount of harm they can cause, and how dangerous they could be. The key word being could, as any dog could be dangerous if not properly trained, socialized or cared for. Let’s take a deeper look into why some might view the Miniature Bull Terrier as dangerous.

Are Mini Bull Terriers Dangerous?

The Mini Bull Terrier is considered to be a loving, loyal, mischievous, and sometimes stubborn dog. They stand only about 10-14 inches tall and weigh in between 18-28lbs, but there is a lot of dog packed into that mini little frame.

The strength of a Miniature Bull Terrier is what could be considered dangerous to some. They are little powerhouses. They do however have a very sweet, playful disposition towards people, and are especially loyal to their family members. This loyalty to their family can manifest in over protective behaviors and weariness towards strangers at times.

Like their bigger brothers the Bull Terrier, the Mini Bull Terrier can be a little less tolerant of other dogs. The Mini Bull Terrier is not afraid to stand up to a much larger dog. This is a display of their courage, as well as small dog syndrome.

Owners of Mini Bull Terriers sometimes allow this display of small dog syndrome because they think it’s kind of cute, or funny, but in fact it is dangerous. Allowing your Mini Bull Terrier, or any small dog to challenge, or dominate another dogs, especially a much larger one is a recipe for disaster at some point in their life.

When your Mini Bull Terrier exhibits this kind of behavior you have to ask yourself if this would be allowable with a larger breed of dog. The answer is most likely “No” so why let it persist. You need to be correcting and discouraging this type of behavior.

Training A Mini Bull Terrier

Early training is an important part of your Miniature Bull Terriers upbringing. If you want to avoid any dangerous or destructive behaviors you need to be on top of your daily training. Any dog that is not taught proper manners, rules, and boundaries can be dangerous to others. The Mini Bull Terrier is no exception.

Starting from the day you bring your Mini Bull Terrier puppy home you must begin training. Establishing your role as the calm, yet firm pack leader will help you solidify your bond and the roles between you and your dog. 

Training should always be fun. Positive reinforcement techniques are always the best way to keep your Mini Bull Terrier engaged and learning. Understanding the basic commands of sit, stay, down, leave-it, and off, are great places to start building your relationship. But not where they should end.

Rules and boundaries will need to be shown and taught to your Miniature Bull Terrier. One common thing that can be dangerous is allowing your Mini Bull Terrier to jump up on you, and other people.

This could easily scratch someone at the park, or knock over a child if allowed. People think it’s cute when a small dog seeks attention in this manner, but again, ask yourself if this would be acceptable with a larger breed of dog.

Establishing the rules and boundaries with your Mini Bull Terrier will lessen the chances of accidents and injuries. They are highly energetic puppies and without proper training this energy can be reckless. The phrase “like a bull in a china shop” comes to mind. 

Take the time to work on training each and every day of your Mini Bull Terriers life. From puppy to adult, you should be practicing obedience as well as some cool tricks. Discipline in this manner can be fun for both you and the dog, so make it a daily habit.

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Socializing A Mini Bull Terrier

Training is only half of the equation. Socialization of your Mini Bull Terrier is equally as important. Exposing your dog to as many environments, with as many different dogs, people, children, smells, and sounds will help with bad behaviors down the road. 

Socialization is meant to remove any fear or anxiety of unknown things at an early age. It also helps your Mini Bull Terrier learn how to play and interact with other dogs and people. Puppies learn a lot from other dogs. When it comes to manners and behavior learning, supervised interactions with other dogs is highly encouraged.

Are Mini Bull Terriers Aggressive?

The Mini Bull Terrier is not naturally aggressive. They are a courageous and oftentimes stubborn breed of dog, but no more or no less aggressive than many other breeds if properly trained and socialized.

When your Mini Bull Terrier is showing signs of aggression, or is displaying destructive behaviors there are a few reasons why this could be happening. Lack of exercise, lack of leadership, separation anxiety, boredom, or a mix of all of the above.

Exercising Your Mini Bull Terrier

Miniature Bull Terriers are very high energy puppies, and will need a good amount of exercise. When your puppy is unable to burn off that high amount of energy this can often manifest in destructive behavior, and eventually aggression towards other dogs. 

Giving you Miniature Bull Terrier the proper amount of exercise is important to eliminate potential aggression and bad behavior. You do however have to be cautious. Heavy and strenuous exercise can be harmful to your Mini Bull Terrier’s joints due to their bone structure and muscle development. 

“exercise of an MBT puppy should be kept at a minimum. Never allow them to jump up and down from heights or make sudden stops at high speeds.”

American Kennel Club

Working in a good amount of mental exercise through training, puzzles, and interactions with the family can be just as beneficial to keep your Mini Bull Terrier happy and healthy. A good well mannered walk with some training each day can make a world of difference.

Leadership With Your Mini Bull Terrier

Your role as the owner of your Miniature Bull Terrier is the leader. When your dog feels there isn’t a leader in the household they can oftentimes assume that role themselves. This leads to stubborn, over protective, and sometimes aggressive behaviors towards strangers or other dogs.

Working to establish yourself as a calm, confident, fair and firm pack leader is important with the Mini Bull Terrier. Daily training, well mannered loose leash walks at the heel position, along with well established house rules are needed.

Seeking the help of a professional trainer to help you work on your leadership skills can be a good investment. It can be hard for new pet owners to understand what that role looks like to a dog. I highly recommend reading the Cesar Millan books. These were crucial for me when I became a full time dog walker and owner of my Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

  • Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems
  • Be the Pack Leader
  • Cesar’s Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog

Final Thoughts

Miniature Bull Terriers can be one of the sweetest, loving, entertaining, and courageous dogs you can ever have in your life. A well balanced, properly trained, and socialized Mini Bull Terrier can help you avoid 99% of any dangerous behaviors that may arise.

Any breed of dog can be dangerous, and any breed of dog can be aggressive. Understanding the characteristics, traits, and temperament of your dog’s breed is the first step in being able to better communicate, and guide their behaviors.

Some dogs are naturally more fearless, stubborn, loyal, or fun loving. It is about taking those positive traits and helping them express those inherent abilities and character strengths in the most positive and healthy manner.

For you Mini Bull Terrier this means lots of interaction with the family, and clear guidance. They are eager to please and will follow you to the ends of the earth when provided with the care they need.

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