Are Australian Bulldogs Dangerous? – Aussie Bulldog Temperament

The origins of the Australian Bulldogs are very recent, but are rooted very closely with the English Bulldog. Oftentimes it can be hard to distinguish between the two breeds. Both types of Bulldogs have the same broad, foreboding, and intimidating appearance. But are Australian Bulldogs dangerous?

As a whole the Australian Bulldog is not dangerous. Despite their looks the Australian Bulldog has a wonderful temperament and gentle disposition towards people. The ancient history of the Bulldog fighting days have long since been removed, and modern Aussie Bulldogs make great family pets.

It is very out of character for an Australian Bulldog to be aggressive or dangerous towards people. Nothing in the selective breeding promotes such aggressive characteristics and is highly undesirable in the breed. Dangerous or aggressive behavior exhibited by your Aussie Bulldog could be something related more to their care than to their natural temperament.

If you are considering bringing an Australian Bulldog into your household, and are trying to figure out if the Aussie Bulldog is a good fit, stick around. I have plenty more information about the Australian Bulldog’s temperament and care below.

Are Australian Bulldogs Dangerous?

Australian bulldog are they dangerous
Photo Credit – Banjo @banjotheausbulldog

The Australian Bulldog will not display dangerous behaviors naturally in a household that meets their needs. As mentioned, they are very gentle, sweet, family oriented dogs that love being around their family, and are quite outgoing with other people.

Where the Australian Bulldog could become dangerous is over excited play. The Aussie Bulldog is a very solid, stout, and powerful dog that could easily knock things or people over by accident. Though accidents can happen, managing any hyperactive or over excited behaviors can help avoid potentially dangerous accidents.

It would not be hard for an Australian Bulldog to knock down a child while engaged in play. Over excited indoor and outdoor play can result in broken household wares and from sudden crashes and bumps. 

The Aussie Bulldog is not the most graceful of breeds, and can have trouble applying their brakes in time to avoid a full speed crash. Manage the behavior and any potential dangerous accidents can be avoided.

Are Australian Bulldogs Aggressive?

Australian bulldog buddies
Photo Credit – Banjo @banjotheausbulldog

The Australian Bulldog is not an aggressive dog. By nature they are very gentle and outgoing with other people. Aggressive behaviors displayed by an Aussie Bulldog are not characteristic of the breed, but more of an underlying care issue.

Aggressive behavior from an Aussie Bulldog can be related to a lack of proper exercise, training, socialization, and leadership. Raising an Australian Bulldog to be a good family pet will require proper attention to all of these needs.

The Australian Bulldog may exhibit aggression if they are feeling pent up and anxious from a lack of exercise. They are not super athletes and do not require hours upon hours of exercise to keep them content. A good 45 minute brisk walk every day, along with some mental stimulation through training or other activities can give your Aussie Bulldog all they need in the fitness realm.

Proper training and socialization from an early age is one of the best ways to ensure no aggressive behaviors develop in your Australian Bulldog. Exposing your dog to as many people, dogs, children, smells, sounds, and environments in their early days will help remove any anxious or unsure behaviors. 

Early training to establish wanted behaviors, and dissuade unwanted behaviors is also critical. The Australian Bulldog is a smart breed, and very eager to please their family. Showing proper leadership through calm, firm, positive reinforcement training on a daily basis will give your Aussie Bulldog all the right tools for a well behaved life.

Are Aussie Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs?

aussie bulldog and pit bull friends
Photo Credit – Banjo @banjotheausbulldog

Aussie Bulldogs are generally good with other dogs, especially when socialized from an early age. Like other Bulldog and Bully breed type dogs, Aussie Bulldogs can exhibit some dominant behavior towards other dogs. Early socialization can help from this behavior developing.

When Aussie Bulldogs are raised in the same household as other dogs, or even cats, they can get along famously. The Australian Bulldog is a very social, fun loving breed of dog, and having friends around from the start is perfectly fine.

With the right leadership established in the household, and proper training and socialization taking place from an early age, the Aussie Bulldog is a very reliable breed with other dogs and pets. When you do notice any dominant behaviors starting, it is a good idea to intervene and discourage this, as some dogs can react to a perceived challenge.

Are Australian Bulldogs Good With Kids?

The Australian Bulldog is excellent with kids. The temperament of the Aussie Bulldog is that of a very sweet, loyal, loving, and sometimes protective nature. Especially with their family members. The fun loving Aussie Bulldog is happiest when engaged in well supervised play with their little humans.

Like any other breed of dog, monitoring play activities with young children is a must. Over excited, and sometimes rough play can lead to accidents or injuries if not monitored by an adult. Teaching both your Aussie Bulldog and children how to safely interact is a must.

A roughly pulled tail, or full speed crash with a young child or toddler can result in injury. Be sure to keep a close eye, and calm down any hyperactive behaviors from any of the parties involved. This will ensure everyone has a great play time.

Are Aussie Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

The Aussie Bulldog is a very social, people oriented breed of dog. This makes them fairly poor guard dogs. They are however somewhat protective and loyal to their family and can alert to potential threats. 

Australian Bulldogs are not a very vocal breed and will rarely bark unless needed. Alerting to a possible intruder, or a perceived threat can make them a good watchdog. But as I mentioned, their gentle disposition towards people will make them an unreliable guard dog.

What Is The Difference Between An Aussie Bulldog and A British Bulldog?

The difference between an Aussie Bulldog and a British Bulldog can be hard to distinguish at first glance. They do share a similar appearance, but there are some distinguishing details. The Aussie Bulldog was bred from the English Bulldog, but selectively to adapt to the specific climate of Australia.

This selective breeding produced a more robust and healthier version of the often health plagued English Bulldog. The Aussie Bulldog has a small head and chest in comparison to the English Bulldog. As well as a long muzzle, and less wrinkles. These features alone help the Aussie Bulldog cope with the often hot climate of Australia.

The Aussie Bulldog is also noticeably taller than their cousin the English Bulldog. Though the Aussie Bulldog does still maintain a stout, and gaited stance, it is less prominent than the English Bulldog. 

Selective breeding of the Aussie Bulldog was specifically done to help them adapt to the Australian climate. Better adaptation to the heat, and ability to breath better than their English Bulldog cousin has made the Aussie Bulldog a true “Down Under Bulldog”.

What Breeds Make Up An Aussie Bulldog?

The Aussie Bulldog was first developed in the late 1990’s by Noel and Tina Green. The couple strived to create the specific characteristic to have a breed of Bulldog that could be adapted to the Australian climate. The Breeds used to make up an Aussie Bulldog include the English Bulldog, Boxer, Mastiff and English Bull Terriers.

Through many years of refinement the Australian Bulldog was formed and the Aussie Bulldog Club of Australian was formed in 2007. Giving the Aussie Bulldog a registry database and records of breeding to help further develop and promote the breed.

Are Aussie Bulldogs A Recognised Breed?

The Aussie Bulldog despite their loyal fan base of owners is not a recognised breed by many of the leading authorities. The Australian National Kennel Council, The American Kennel Club, and the United Kennel Club have yet to recognise the Aussie Bulldog as a breed.

Considered a hybrid breed, the Aussie Bulldog may never be fully recognized by these various well established clubs and councils. That is quite alright Aussie Bulldog fans, you have your own club anyways over at the Aussie Bulldog Club of Australia. Who needs these fancy councils anyways.


Australian bulldogs sleeping

The Aussie Bulldog is far from a dangerous dog. They are a sweet, gentle, loyal and loving breed of dog that make excellent family companion pets. Dangerous and aggressive behavior from an Aussie Bulldog is rare, and not something to be blamed on the breed, but the care of the animal.

Whether you live alone, or with a family of other pets and children, the Aussie Bulldog can be a great addition to the household. WIth the proper exercise, training, and socialization regime from a confident leader, they can make excellent obedient dogs.

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