Are American Staffordshire Terriers Affectionate? Cuddle Facts

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The American Staffordshire Terrier, or AmStaff as they are affectionately called by fans, are a large muscular breed of dog. The American Staffie has been around since the 18th century and has played a role in American culture, entertainment, and family life. The AmStaff is strong and confident, but are they affectionate?

Are American Staffordshire Terriers affectionate? As a whole the AmStaff is a loving and affectionate dog. Despite their strong and imposing appearance the American Staffy loves to be as close to family members as possible. The American Staffordshire is an all around good natured dog, and loving family pet.

My experience with American Staffordshire Terriers has been nothing but positive. These dogs possess the true Staffy nature of loving, affectionate, sweet, good natured animals. AmStaffs love spending time with family, and when properly socialized are great with all kinds of people.

Let’s go over just a few of the things that make the American Staffordshire Terrier such a loving and affectionate breed of dog.

Do American Staffordshire Terriers Like To Cuddle?

As a general rule American Staffordshire Terriers like to cuddle. Being close to family is where the AmStaff thrives and is most happy. The American Staffy is a very people oriented breed of dog. They always be wanting to curl up on the couch with you, or share a bed at night.

Despite the origins and history of the breed that scare many people, American Staffordshire Terriers have always been an affectionate and cuddly breed. Even when these dogs were used in the barbaric sport of dog fighting, they were still very people friendly. In fact it was a must.

Dogs involved in these brutal bloodsports were still family dogs, and would often be culled if any signs of human aggression were present. Handlers of these fighting dogs needed to be sure they could end fights and intervene without risk of being attacked. Not to mention keep the dog in their household with children present.

In a weird and twisted sort of way, these early horrific practices ended up breeding a line of dogs that were very people friendly. Thankfully these cruel sports have been gone from Western culture for over a century. These dogs have flourished as service dogs, working dogs, movie stars, and most of all, amazing family companions.

Are American Staffordshire Terriers Good With Kids And Babies?

american staffy amstaff with baby

American Staffordshire Terriers on average are very good with kids and babies. A well socialized AmStaff is a loving, patient, and highly affectionate playmate and protector of children, especially within the family. Their gentle, good natured disposition makes them very reliable and loving with kids.

With any breed of dog it is important that interactions with kids are always supervised. The American Staffordshire Terrier is a large dog and can easily knock over a child. Play time should always be monitored, and parents must ensure that both dogs and children are playing gently. 

Over excited or rough play should be discouraged always with any breed of dog. Accidents can easily happen when interactions become too exciting or intense. Manage the level of play with your dogs and the kids to ensure everyone is being safe and having fun.

Are American Staffies Loyal?

As a whole American Staffies are one of the most loyal breeds of dogs. The American Staffordshire Terrier has a deep affinity for their owners and bond very strongly. One of the main reasons the AmStaff is such a popular breed of dog is because of their intense loyalty. 

American Staffies are a highly intelligent breed of dog, and their loyal temperament and eagerness to please make them very easy to train. American Staffordshire Terriers are a very owner focused dog. Working with them in advanced obedience and agility is quite common.

The loyalty of the American Staffordshire Terrier is a true testament to the affectionate nature of this breed. With this loyalty comes responsibility however to properly socialize the AmStaff to prevent certain territorial or possessive behaviors that can occur. Strong leadership and early socialization is very important with American Staffies.

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Are American Staffordshire Terriers Protective Of Their Owners?

American Staffordshire Terriers as a whole can be protective of their owners and serve as good guard dogs. Their intense loyalty to the family unit makes the American Staffy a very observant dog when strangers are present. Any perceived threat to a family member will cause am AmStaff to become protective.

Though it may be important to some owners to have a protective American Staffy, it is also important that the dog is properly trained. Being able to distinguish a legitimate threat from a perfect stranger is absolutely critical. These dogs are powerful and can severely hurt someone if not given proper training and given direction.

american staffordshire terrier heeling

This is why socialization is of the utmost importance with the American Staffordshire Terrier from a very early age. The AmStaff needs to be exposed to all kinds of people and situations to become comfortable around strangers.

An American Staffy that is somewhat wary of strangers is not uncommon, but signs of aggression are not characteristic of a well socialized American Staffordshire Terrier. Professional training should be used when any signs of people aggression become present in non threatening situations.

That being said, most American Staffordshire Terriers are keenly aware of what is a serious threat, and what is not. They typically are very friendly to strangers. In my experience they are usually almost too friendly, and display affection to anyone wanting to say hello to them. 

Final Thoughts

So getting back to the original question, are American Staffordshire Terriers affectionate? I will say a resounding YES! These beautiful dogs have a heart of gold and are an absolute pleasure to have around.

Nothing pleases the American Staffy more than being around their humans. Cuddles on the couch, naps together in bed, or just spending a lazy afternoon together on the porch. Where there are cuddles involved the AmStaff thrives.

Don’t let the rough exterior fool you. The American Staffordshire Terrier is first and foremost a loyal, loving and affectionate dog. An excellent family dog for anyone wanting to have a large, active, and cuddly dog in their home.

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